Work-Life Balance and Productivity and Peace of Mind – A Coworking Space

Thinking about ‘productivity’ as well as ‘balance’ between work and life at the same time is no more a tough feat to achieve. Thanks to the brain-parent(s) of co-working. The idea of working with other companies and professionals from different professional profiles under one roof has literally revolutionized the corporate world and how regular offices are used to be. Not only a co working space makes an entrepreneur or any other professional feel confident in every respect, but it’s a bridge that covers the gap between you and a huge network of people, like-minded people to be precise, innovation and opportunities.

Some statistics to make you ‘re’think

Here are some facts and figures about co-working fetched from various researches and sources, which will make you, give a second thought to getting your shared space reserved. Let’s take a quick look –

  • By the year 2020, around 40% of the workforce will comprise freelancers, independent contractors, part-timers and solo entrepreneurs.
  • According to a report, it has been found that more than 70% of the respondents have told that a shared office space is way healthier than a traditional office setup.
  • Around 64% of the people who work in a co-working space feel that they get to finish their tasks successfully and timely at a shared Startup Office in comparison to a traditional office.
  • Around 91% of co-workers told that they have better interactions and networking with others at their shared offices.
  • The best thing, around 50% people report higher incomes in a co-working setting than traditional offices.

Benefits, benefits all the way

Don’t these statistics entice you, as well? If yes, then come be a part of WorkLoft, the best shared Office Space In Mumbai.  With this popular and cost-effective service provider, you get to enjoy the following benefits –

    • Accounting services
    • Human resource
    • Stationery
    • Legal support
    • Secretarial support
    • Food and beverages
    • Power back-up
    • Conference rooms
    • Gaming zone for recreation
    • CCTV and security
    • Virtual Office Mumbai
    • High-speed internet connection and so on..

With a reliable co-working space provider like WorkLoft, you get to save on a number of aspects associated with renting an office space. Some of the most important ones are – renting cost, admin cost, maintenance cost, utility cost and pantry cost. All these costs can make the minimum cost incurred about INR 12, 640 or so. However, when you work with a good service provider you can save on all these costs. With a shared office space like WorkLoft, paying for a workstation means paying for everything you need from your office.  So, you can focus on your work completely without having to think about the other aspects of your business.

To sum up

These are some of the most important things about co-working spaces. So, if you want to achieve a balance between your work and personal life without having to compromise on the productivity, come be a WorkLofter. Also, share this blog with as many as people you can so that they could also leverage the benefits of being a WorkLofter.

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