Why Co-Working Spaces Aren’t Just About Rental Benefits Anymore

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Gone are the days when co-working spaces used to allow people from various organizations to just come together and work. With the rise of co-working spaces, now it’s necessitous to change its narrative from only being a cool space for working out of being a space that provides maximum facilities for start-ups. Co-working places are also understanding this and going beyond fancy decor to tie up with large enterprises. Let’s WorkLoft, a co-worker space in Mumbai, discuss how they are doing and why co-working spaces are beyond rental facilities!

Co-Worker Space: A Great Concept

Initially, the concept of a start-up office space was just for the convenience of small, new businesses, but now it has proven to be advantageous for large enterprises too. With the aspect of convenience and affordability, co-worker places offer lots of advantages to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and big companies that go beyond logistics and infrastructure needs. And one of them is the chance of creating connections with other company founders, maximum support and empathy, and discussing how to face basic challenges. The concept of being surrounded by like-minded professionals and creating a good network is in the middle of cooperative work.

Facilities That a Co-Worker Space Offers

If you don’t just want to rent a desk and expect something more from a co-working space, you will get beyond your expectations. Some practical benefits of a co-working place include:

1. Better Networking

In a shared office space in Mumbai, you can interact with individuals from several organizations and backgrounds under a single roof. Just make interactions over a game at the fun zone or a cup of coffee at the cafeteria and share better ideas.

WorkLoft believes that a co-working space provides professionals and companies a chance for networking, developing and collaborating with people from various stages of life and levels of experience. It redefines the employee experience and helps get market assistance, new prospects, and guidance.

2. Affordability, Flexibility, & Convenience

The cheap rent is always one of the biggest benefits of a co-working place. Having a workspace in a shared office space, in today’s age of high rental costs, works out inexpensive for start-ups. However, apart from its affordability, a start-up workspace is known for its flexible working environment for both multinational corporations and individuals. Its convenience and flexibility help professionals to maximize and collaborate that can’t be done at a conventional office arrangement. Also, we believe that a co-working place is beyond a workspace. Aside from offering professional assistance, it gives mental assistance to all members.

3. Events & Partnerships

For co-worker places, a rising trend is to move beyond only real estate advantages to offer start-ups advantages by teaming up with different organizations and setting up events. With event organizations, these shared spaces help start-ups interact with industry professionals and work with them. They even bring credits and discounts through these partnerships.

What Does Workloft Provide?

Alongside the above benefits, WorkLoft provides free support employees, limitless access to recreational areas, flexible rental plans, and amazing office maintenance. Our business center in Mumbai focuses on the most important business aspects like driving growth, acquiring and scaling the right talent. We are trying to meet the work cycles and unconventional needs of new businesses. Hence, it won’t be incorrect to say that a co-worker space offers beyond rental benefits.