WorkLoft is expanding fast – and we’re looking for driven, committed franchise partners to help us capitalize on huge demand for flexible, contemporary & classic workspaces. Where you work with the leaders of tomorrow.

WorkLoft  is a group company of RAYCON GROUP – An Indo German venture providing end to end real estate development services with footprints across India, Germany and U.A.E . Raycon Group commands an illustrious history in property investment, land development and  real estate development.

Workloft difference :

WorkLoft is more than just a shared office space. Its efficient. Its collaborative. Its sparks ideas and fosters collaboration. WorkLoft franchisees simply provide the modern work space and giving them access to open area  private offices, whichever they prefer. WorkLoft appeals to a wider membership base that includes working professionals, freelancers, remote workers and teams from large corporations. The space itself is a blend of classic and modern office styles. There’s something for everyone at WorkLoft.

Setting up co-working spaces across india via partnership

Presently,  WorkLoft management successfully operates its Co-working spaces in Mumbai. WorkLoft looks forward to setting up state of the art co-working spaces in different cities across India through Franchise – owned company-operated (FOCO) and Franchise owned franchise operated (FOFO) business model. For this, the management is inviting partners with investment capability or desired space.

Franchise Enquiry

Financial Stats

Area Required (Sq ft)Estimated InvestmentEstimated  ROIEstimated Pay BackAgreement Terms
2k to 20k50L to 3Cr40%2.5 Years5+5 Years

Great reasons to partner with WorkLoft

  • Comprehensive pre-opening and operational support by WorkLoft.
  • Moderate investment and attractive return.
  • Multiple revenue sources owning to diversified services.
  • Strong demand for well-maintained work spaces in urban areas.
  • Proven business model with an operational center in Mumbai.
  • Extensive training and support provided.
  • Franchise business completely managed and operated by WorkLoft.

Desired franchise Profile

  • Entrepreneurs with required space and investment.
  • Underutilized office space at prime location.
  • Real Estate developers looking to offer co-working space as part of their project.

If you have the drive, resources, and commitment to lead the workspace revolution as a WorkLoft franchise partner, get in touch with our Franchise Team.

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Why should I buy into a franchise rather than starting my own business?

When you consider a franchise, you are buying into a proven business model. The trial and error associated with “learning as you go” has been eliminated. As a franchisee you’ll also receive training and ongoing support from industry experts. You won’t have any of that if you’re starting from scratch.

How much should I expect to invest in my Workloft location?

The total investment varies, as you can imagine. Location costs,  fit-outs, equipment, legal requirements, staffing, and other factors all play a role. There is a standard franchising fee requirement, and the rest is variable.

How much is the fee for continuing support services “royalty fee”

The continuing services, or “royalty fee,” is 6% of your gross sales and is paid monthly for FOFO(Franchise owned and franchise operated ) model and 10% for FOCO ( Franchise owned and company operated ) model.  This fee entitles you to use the Workloft service mark, use of distinctive system, marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and other benefits that come with being Workloft franchisee.

What about advertising?

The Workloft name and reputation is an important part of our business.  You will spend at least 2% of your gross sales per month on local advertising.  In addition, if we should establish fees for a Marketing Fund, you will be expected to make Marketing Fund contributions of up to 1.5% of your monthly gross sales.

What is the term of Workloft franchise agreement?

The initial term of the Franchise Agreement is 5 (five) years from the date the Franchise Agreement is signed. The franchise is renewable for another term providing you have complied with the provisions of the Franchise Agreement.

Is there any particular industry experience required to start a WorkLoft franchise?

There is no specific experience required, although some business sense or related background can only help. We provide thorough training and ongoing support. Our franchisees are never forced to ‘go it alone’.

How will I keep up with industry trends if I am busy running my Workloft location?

Workloft provides continuous training and support for the life of your business. We have process updates in place to help you keep up with the latest trends in the marketplace.

I’m interested, but not sure I’m ready to commit. What are the next steps?

It all begins with a simple conversation. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing opportunity! Our Workloft franchising experts can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. There is no obligation and no immediate decision is required.

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