7 Perfect Ways How Start-ups Can Design Their Office and Gain Maximum Productivity

Coworking Space

Your workspace has a huge effect on your working style, your capacity for focusing and your entire capacity for being productive. That means your office design is of high importance, whether you work at home, in a big company, or in a shared workspace. The most important factor in deciding the capacity of an employee is their physical ambiance. Do you work in an ambiance that focuses on productivity? WorkLoft has come up with 7 design ideas for start-ups that help them acquire the utmost productivity.

Top 7 Start-Up Office Design Ideas That Help Boost Productivity

1. Make space

Provide your staff with sufficient space. Don’t interrupt them every time they work. Providing your employees big desks is not enough; you should also ponder the space between desks and in corridors that help people freely move around. Finding a co-working space near me is better if you need enough space while working.

2. Give yourself different spaces to work from

Provide yourself with more than one space for working if you can handle it. To stay focused, put yourself in a new space with various things and qualities. Many companies provide different environments for work. Some organizations get an office for rent in Mumbai if their space is not very flexible or tidy, so their employees get a good and convenient environment to work.

3. Spend money on IT infrastructure

To make working easier in the office, use technology. Designing an office is not about reviving its looks, it also incorporates other things. Here we are talking about the necessity of IT facilities. Wireless internet connection in the workplace helps employees work anywhere and makes meetings easier when you carry your laptop with you.

4. Instill colors into the office space

Colors have a huge effect on a person’s mood. Not just colors inside an office increase productivity but also impact on emotions and attitudes. Although different white shades are very famous among organizations, some choose brighter colors like orange, red. These colors include dynamism into the workspace that increases the productivity and energy of the team.

5. Build up community

Community tables or shared tables appear not just in hotels and restaurants but in the office space also. A co-working space is one great example. These tables symbolize alliance or kinship that’s a necessitous part of the work environment. Shared tables of a business center in Mumbai promote collaborative, homier work as well.

6. Add plants

Including plants into an office creates an eye-soothing environment and has solid health advantages. Creating a natural environment for employees keeps them healthier. And healthier employees are more productive for sure. Plants lower noise levels, sickness, and stress. They improve productivity, creativity and clean the air. Hence, it’s time to include some plants into your workspace!

7. Stay tidy and flexible

Your workspace must be capable of different configurations. Start-ups should use modular furnishing items that can be stowed, stacked, mixed, and moved. It’s a sustainable option if you want to move your office. Keep your office clean and tidy. Decluttering workspace will promote productivity.


For many people, their primary job is housed within their laptops and a co-working space can give the best environment for flexible work. Ensure to contact WorkLoft if you are seeking a co-working space in South Mumbai.