Ways to save money on an office space


small office space for rent

Certainly, it’s true that huge, well equipped and furnished office space in a business park looks more professional and prestigious, but for an initial period, try to find a place which is easy to commute which could save up not only your money but your time and energy. Sure, everybody likes to have their office in middle of the city but moving just few miles away and having a small office space for rent can save lot of money which can be further used in growth and development of the business.

Thus, it is advisable to consider location as one of the important aspects while hunting of an office space.

Best option is to have an office space near to train station or easy access to the highway connectivity.

Office space for Rent in Mumbai can be a hectic task. But, Places such as WorkLoft, a spacious and convenient co-working space in Mumbai today provides both of these options. It is near to the Nahur station (central Mumbai) and its easily accessible to mulund- goregoan link highway road.

Could we ask for anything better?!

don’t buy your own office

shared office spaces

Having an own office is every entrepreneur’s dream. To fulfil this, it is essential to have dedication and hard work. It will be a smart move; it you don’t get an office at an initial stage but consider some better options. We are living in the age of advanced technologies and communication. Options such as a coworking space, shared office spaces, business centres, virtual office space, or work from home can be feasible.

Coworking space or Shared office space


This concept is new in the market. Many businessmen are not aware it. Coworking space provides work desk and cabins inclusive of all the business amenities such as Wi-fi, access to the office, tea/coffee service, mail handling, conference room and storage facility.

Shared office space is another option to opt for, it is not considered by many entrepreneurs but can save huge sum of capital.

Others misfortunate can be your fortune

shared office

This is one of the tactics to save your liquidity, you can take advantage of downsizing. It is difficult to find this option however, a broker or real estate agents may help you find one. You can make things fortunate for yourself by taking advantage of downsizing. This may not be the right way, but if you don’t, some else will do! Thus, why not make this fortunate for you and own company.

Rent it out

furnished office space for rent

It has been seen that renting an office space is more sensible option than buying. Many entrepreneurs may see this working other way around. But it works wonders only for people who can afford it or have a strong background. If you are looking for an office space, it always advisable to buy an office on rent first to build your castle later on. This is one of the ways you can maintain your deep pockets. There are many options available today, you can even get a furnished office space for rent however, a real estate agents or brokers can help you out.

You can even rent a space in a business centres. This way you can rent your coworking office space and save tons of moolah.

Try out these above options, and you thank us later!!!

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