A Virtual Office – Remote, Cost-Effective and Profitable

When it comes to defining the prototype of efficiency and competence at a workplace, a Virtual Office Space continues to prove itself as the best paradigm. Not only it offers overall cost savings in the first place, but also allows the employees to enjoy flexibility while maintaining salubrious and decent professional life and personal life equilibrium.

And, needless to mention, but being a seamless amalgamation of a happy workforce and unexpected cost savings, a virtual office set-up adds to the productivity, efficiency and overall growth of a company. So, whenever a business demands flexibility in working hours, virtual offices make the best resorts to bank upon.

Let’s take a look at some smart reasons that advocate the need of a Virtual Office Mumbai –

No back and fro between office and home

‘Getting ready for office’ and ‘commuting to office’, these two scenarios are integral to every office-goers’ life. And, this routine eats up around 2 to 3 hours of valuable time every day. However, in case of a virtual office, there is no scene of ‘home to office’ and ‘office to home’. So, it will save a lot of time that is spent every day on commuting to and fro, thus allowing your employees make use of that time to add to company’s productivity and ROI.

Virtual office allow your employees to be active

According to a research conducted at the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health in Australia, a few years ago, it has been documented that sitting continuously at your workstation for around 11 hours or more per day increases your risk of death by over 40% in the upcoming 3 years of your life, irrespective of other activities. However, when you work from home, you are less likely to get chained to your chair. You can move freely, whenever and wherever you want. It, therefore, becomes quite evident that virtual offices are healthy because it allows the employees to be active.

No overhead, no headache

In comparison to a brick-and-mortar office space, a Virtual Office In Mumbai comes sans any overhead costs related. So, you don’t have to worry about office lease, hardware, utility payments and other associated costs because these needs would be addressed by the service provider. Moreover, all these savings not only add to your company’s profit margin, but allow you expand your business.

BYOT makes the concept of virtual office even cooler

BYOT means Bring Your Own Technology. Although this system started in school, it has quite quickly made a mark in the world of business, as well. When your employees work from a remote location, they are free to choose the technology they like and also are responsible for maintaining and updating the same from time to time and according to their convenience. Although not using a company-provided tech support might bring along certain cyber risks, those can be easily managed using password protection, employee training and monitoring.

So, these are some of the main benefits of having a virtual office.

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