Virtual Office – An ideal space for our young start-ups

virtual office is something where in an individual gets a business location that exists only virtually. Such sort of set up allows owners and employees to work from any location just on the basis of technology.

Virtual office charges for the services like the business address, mail handling, call handling etc without providing any dedicated work desk to an individual. It helps majorly to those new bees who have just entered the phase of start-up business & their funding is based on the concept of boot strapping.

Here are some of the benefits for getting your business started with a virtual office at a place which is similar to a business centre or a shared office space.

  • Equipped with a mailing address- It is important to have a business address for the clients as well as other business associates so as to have a professional image & in the organization’s credit building process.
  • Reducing the commuting time- If, working as a freelancer, it is important how you manage your time & resources as the complete cycle of work from scratch till the execution needs to be managed single handedly. In such case, it is important how you save on your time by utilizing the maximum out of the limit of your working hours rather than wasting a part of it in commuting.
  • Budget handling- The main hurdle for a start-up is managing their expenses to a minimal amount. Virtual office manages to have a business address without owning any space which reduces the cost of rent & the other mandates like maintenance, internet & what not.
  • Expansion to other locations-Nowadays, major chunk of the companies which are expanding their functioning to different locations have started working online due to streamlining their processes from physical mode to digital mode. Virtual office is a boon to such companies as it is affordable yet professional. Such places also provide with the meeting room facility which means the payments need to be done as & then as per the usage rather than paying the heavy amount for the space rentals.
  • Phone call handling facility-In order to increase the customer interaction during & even after the business hours, phone handling along with a pre-recorded message helps to create a sense of professional responsibility among the clients even after the working hours. It also helps to maintain the query records without missing on the same.

WorkLoft, a premier co-working space laid on the concept of business centre or a shared office space at  central Mumbai, is one of the places which provide its clients the facility of virtual space which includes the business address along with the mail handling facility with the best of the pricing. It helps all the clients in terms of optimizing their budget yet work on the professional model.

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