The Lure of Flexible Virtual Office Spaces in Modern India

The idea of shared workspace Mumbai has given a major impetus to the start-up culture in Mumbai and even other Metro cities of India. An understanding of this concept will help a lot of individuals and new firms.

For the entrepreneur of today, working capital and liquidity will always remain a challenge. This is especially so in the early start-up days. The answer to this challenge is shared workspaces or co-working spaces. These are working spaces which run on a shared basis among different companies or individuals.

The co-work space in Mumbai has seen a major expansion activity in the last 4 years.

The concept of Virtual offices in India

Any business needs to expand first before investing in aesthetics like well-furnished office located in the high rush commercial areas.  It goes without saying that Office on Rent in Mumbai is a high burden payment!

However there is a catch 22 situation here!

When it is a freelance individual offering service to other individuals, it may not matter much. The ideal example would be freelance professional offering his or her service to another content writer. Just the quality of writing would matter. However, if it is a business to business, b2b sort of start-up venture, then obviously the need to have a good space does come up. The prospective customers of such business allocate a high weight to these start-ups having the desired back-end resources. The typical example would be an IT infrastructure company providing high-end lease line maintenance services to corporate clients. The need for a commercial area office is of paramount importance to such a company.

The Services that you will find in a virtual office today

As mentioned earlier the provisioning of a higher budget is not a luxury that start-ups can afford but at the same time Startup Incubators In Mumbai ease out these worries.

The virtual office concept eliminates this worry by creating offices with certain basic services, without the actual physical space being there. At a threadbare cost, the services can be purchased, thereby giving the existing and future customers the conviction of the official presence and fulfillment of administrative and other operational needs.

The work area, environment, and amenities are apportioned between different groups of people having totally varied profiles. This makes it different from the regular space which is common for the same organization and group. The shared workspace can be a single cubicle, compact cabins, spread out lobbies or zones.

Depending on what capital is available for spending, the services of a virtual office can be selected. If just a mailing address is required, then cost will be on the lower side. In this scenario, all couriers and post will be collected. Despatches will be done wherever required.

Apart from this, if add-on services like professional call receiving is required, then charges slightly shoot up. In the event of a start-up requiring a registered business address, there will be new cost factors since GST comes into the picture.

Workloft – Your Answer to all the Virtual Office Needs of Today

Workloft provides a range of Co-Working Spaces Mumbai and virtual offices that come fully loaded with the best of services. No matter what your budget is, you will always find the most suitable virtual office services from Workloft’s portfolio.

So get in touch with the WorkLoft team at the earliest and avail the best of services at your shared workspace today.

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