Myths about Coworking Space in Mumbai

The concept of coworking space is growing at a fast pace in Mumbai. Coworking space in Mumbai is basically a shared office space where people from different companies, startups, SMEs and freelancer work together under one roof. A coworking space is a furnished office space which provides all basic amenities required to setup an office and network to grow their business. With the growing popularity there is also growing misconception regarding the coworking space? We have tried to list down few of the myths which are generally holding back people to take up and office space in a coworking concept.


  • Coworking is only for startups and freelancers

coworking office space in mumbai

As my introduction also explained that a coworking office space in Mumbai accommodates startups and freelancers but it’s not only shelters them who can use the benefits of a coworking space Mumbai.  People working remotely for large companies or people who want to setup their business in Mumbai can also be benefited by coworking space in Mumbai. It provides you with a platform which allows you to work your own way. The flexibility provided by a coworking space helps any company to align them self or their employee to maximize their productivity at work space.




  • Coworking space has spies who distract your employees

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Not at all, though coworking is meant for networking and working together there are no spies who distract your employees.  Also, it’s a matter of personal preference. Small conversations and water cooler talk’s takes place in every office space. Networking helps your company and employees to grow, to be creative and be productive to generate new ideas. WorkLoft offers different options as which suits your requirement in a right way. You can always go for a private cabin which will help you to safe guard your confidential products and still you are open to network with open members. There are enclosed meeting rooms and other which can help you to separate you from the crowd for a while. Hence privacy is an option which comes with WorkLoft. As we always say in a coworking space you are independent yet together.





  • Coworking Space in Mumbai is expensive

renting a commercial property

To understand the worth of any product or service you need to actually compare the option available. The other option to a coworking space is renting a commercial property. When we compare a coworking space in Mumbai and renting a commercial property in Mumbai we should also consider the points where a coworking space is helping you to reduce the cost. Add all the bills, overheads, other maintenance expenses and also the huge security deposit you need to pay to rent and commercial space in Mumbai. As in a coworking space in Mumbai everything is shared this reduces the burden of overhead and other costs on one single company and is evenly distributed among the embers. A price comparison is explained in the adjacent image.







  • Coworking spaces provides only table and chair

coworking space

A co working space in Mumbai is all what you need to start your office space function smoothly. It’s not just a desk and a chair. WorkLoft not only offers free WiFi and unlimited tea coffee but also provides printing and meeting room credits to their members. As coworking space it creates a right atmosphere to any company to bud. It includes a proper facility and recreational areas like gaming zone , Zen room and casual sitting area.





The author is a member of the local startup community and provides counseling to people looking for a good coworking space.

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