Dos and Don’ts of Coworking Sharing: Etiquette of Sharing Office Space

Coworking places are the latest trend and are grabbing the attention of many independent professionals, mainly the entrepreneurs and start-ups companies. These come with myriad benefits, the most important one being the pocket-friendliness. Expenses for coworking offices do not burn a hole in your pocket because one coworking space with great modern amenities is shared among many professionals thereby reducing the overhead expenditure.

Moreover, coworking spaces offer a brilliant platform for networking. Young entrepreneurs get a wonderful chance to interact with many other professionals which allows the window of intellectual development to remain opened always, in these kinds of facilities.

However, working together means you need to follow a certain code of conduct in the office space so that you can maintain the harmony and dignity of the place. Etiquette of sharing office space is incredibly important and we shall take a look at some of the most vital elements of co-working etiquettes.

  • Allowing enough space to others

While working together it is very necessary to keep in mind that we, by no chance, should get into somebody’s comfort zone. The shared office space Mumbai makes it a point that everybody’s personal and emotional boundaries are respected for example; if someone is engrossed in work make sure not to disturb that person or if you see a document or any file is lying on the table do not look into the document or the file, doing that would mean you are invading someone’s privacy.

  • Being silent or keeping the tone down

It is an important part to keep the voice down in any startup office space or coworking facility because you cannot disturb others while they are working. Any sort of sound must be controlled and try as much as possible not to be loud or create any kind of disturbance in the office.

  • Keep your desk or area clean

We are well aware of the pithy statement, “cleanliness is godliness” so it is very important to keep the area, that you are using, clean because this one space is shared by so many people. Not keeping it clean will be a problem for others which is unacceptable. Almost all business centre in Mumbai keep their offices spic and span.

  • Follow the schedule

This is yet another important factor that cannot be missed. One meeting space is usually used by multiple teams or professionals. So it is important to be present on time because, like you, someone else might need the meeting room for their work too. But there are high-end offices for rent in Mumbai which offer multiple meeting rooms. In any case, this point must be kept in mind while sharing a space with others.

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