In the very early days of your company, it might make sense to call your garage your company’s headquarters. But at a certain point, it doesn’t suffice. Every time getting your clients to some cafe or a standard Starbucks call gets a bit awkward on terms of professionalism.
This is precisely why co-working spaces were invented — and why they’re increasingly popping up in more cities.
Not to mention the fact that most people found that they were able to relax more at home. However, people started earning a higher income ever since they started working at a co-working space.
So if you and your startup aren’t based in a co-working space then you very well should be. Let’s find some of the mandate reasons as to why you’ll, almost assuredly, double your performance and productivity at a co-working space.

Here comes the checklist for young energetic & upcoming talents why they should opt for a co-working space-

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1.Affordability without breaking the bank account-

Finances come out to be a major constraint for the start-ups. A lot of options can be explored with the right fit on almost any budget. It may cost more than stealing Wi-Fi at a coffee shop but it’s affordable way sooner than a long-term office lease.

2. Multiply with space & employees-

Nothing is static for a startup and co-working spaces are designed to be flexible and accommodate growth. Have five employees one month and 10 the next? No problem, you can switch to a bigger office down the hall.

3. Network!!! Network!!! –

Now here comes the real value of the co-working space, when everyone who walks through the door of a co-working space is a professional in their own right. You can find someone to bounce ideas with, maybe even help each other by sharing insights into each other’s business. Who knows the experience of working together could very well mean that it may be a ladder to the next business partner or investor.


4. The talent at your fingertips-

Take advantage of the ability to share skills which are the key benefit of working with a co-working space as it may surprise with the best alternative solutions to you and your startup.

5. Surround you with positive energy-

Surrounding you with smart, dedicated and hard-working people is the best cure for the startup blues. Whatever challenges you’re facing, someone else has probably already faced (and conquered) them, and it’s great to have a constant reminder of that.

6. Co-working spaces make clients happy-

Meeting with clients in a conference room is infinitely more professional than a coffee shop. Maintaining a balance from concept selling to showing professionalism at the workplace & attitude acquires equal importance so as to have an impact on the mind.

7. Facilities under one umbrella-

Innovation to things need deep thought process for functioning as well as execution. But there are things which drive away the attention like accounting, legal, compliance & what not.

Co-working spaces do have associations with firms which provide all such facilities in one go.


8. Next idea for a new start-up!!!-

The beauty of it is people can actually see the quality work and walk over to review the progress at any point which can infuse the new concept in the mind to work upon.

Thus, explained the above thoughts & concept, we “WorkLoft” a co-working space can be the right choice for a startup looking for a space between the work from home and traditional office. With its collaborative ecosystem and multitude of offerings, Co-working has given the serviced office industry a whole new meaning.


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