7 Pros and Cons of Co-working Spaces in Mumbai

With the rise of the employment economy, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups consider a co-working space more appealing than ever. These are totally equipped workspaces with convenient rental arrangements, where you can rent by a day or the hour, or the desks’ number you require.

Private workspaces in Mumbai can be costly and when you are just seeking to get out of your house, a co-working space in Mumbai offered by WorkLoft could be the answer. Nevertheless, all work arrangements should be pondered with cautiousness. So, let’s check out 7 advantages and disadvantages of these spaces!


1. Complementary skills and community

In co-working spaces, it’s not impossible to find individuals with precious skill sets which you could use to achieve your company aims, or possibly make your client base.

2. Budget-friendly

Shared office space in Mumbai is definitely a more budget-friendly arrangement than your private office. You will get access to all types of rooms and equipment at never-seen prices.

3. Structure

Going to a workspace and having fixed space keep you accountable and create a routine, putting your mind scheduled to get all works done properly and timely.

4. Learning takes place

In an office space, you will share thoughts with other people and get to know about their interesting projects and skill sets which can help you in your business issues. In short, learning will take place in many ways.

5. A professional place for hosting promising clients

Having a co-working place can send positive indications to a promising client or business partner and shows that you are dedicated to your organization.

6. You can get out of your house

Working from home can give you lots of interruption from family members, neighbors, etc. Thereby, a shared space can be the perfect way of working at a reasonable rate.

7. You want connection

Office spaces bring motivated and creative people together for sharing thoughts regarding business operations and growing productivity.


1. Capacity to extend quickly

Although an office for rent in Mumbai is less expensive than a commercial lease, if you want to develop your company fast with many employees, it could become cost-prohibit fast when you need more spaces.

2. Work hours

Maximum co-working spaces open from 9 to 5 are not ideal for flexible schedules for those who are launching start-up offices or for freelancers who work better setting their own hours.

3. Competition under the similar roof

After choosing shared offices, you will possibly run into people you are competing against for business. The environment could be uncomfortable if you both are not interested in working together.

4. Lack of privacy

Since office spaces are shared by many companies or individuals, you could find privacy issues. Ensure to choose a space which offers booths for private conversations so you don’t get distracted.

5. You are simply annoyed

In a shared office space, you can’t set your own rules but are forced for adapting to the culture and rules of that place.

6. Budget issues

Most spaces provide convenient payment options, but if you have budget issues, you cannot choose them.

7. Personality clashes

While sharing a place with others, there will be chances of personality conflicts.


Regardless of a few cons, the benefits of a co-working space are worth considering. Choose WorkLoft if you are seeking a professional place to maintain your business.

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