The Rise of the Flexible Schedule in Mumbai

It is time to cheer up because the 9-to-5 working days are soon to be gone, with professionals shifting towards the flexible working schedule. 

This trend had made its way into the financial capital of India, Mumbai, through the Coworking Space. And in today’s context, the storming demand for flexible work schedules is also rapidly catching up with folks in all other cities in the country. With each passing day, more and more millennials are giving up on the fixed work timings. According to a report, by the year 2030, the 9-to-5 working routine will be kind of extinct!

What contributed to the rise in this flexi work schedule in Mumbai?

An overwhelming number of startup offices in modern India has led to the rise of the trend of flexible work hours. But it must be really interesting to find out what made people realize the advantages of flexible working times.

Let us see some of them – 

  • Balance between family and work

You might not believe, but most millennials are also inclined towards focusing on their family and friends, along with working hard. As they try to balance their work commitments with forming a family and raising their children, they crave for more flexible schedules.

Obviously, they would have to make up for the lost time by working on some weekends but it seems they are okay with it as long as they can be productive while not ignoring family commitments.

  • Continuing education or training

Various professionals desire to undergo sessions of skill training and therefore flex office timings can only owe them the liberty of doing so. In a Shared Office Space offered by WorkLoft, professionals can enter and exit at any time based upon their will. Most are millennials and thus they crave for experience-hopping through these programs and some of the organizations even sponsor the programs so that their employees can add in the knowledge and insights into the organization.

So in a nutshell, many employees would be studying and working simultaneously, and the flexible working hours would be their only savior.

  • Disappearance of conventional offices

The same report suggests, that by 2030 working professionals can work from any Startup Office Space Mumbai just using super-fast data terminals. The report also suggests offices would, therefore, would not make any sense. And when offices would completely become useless, office hours would not matter anymore.

An employee can, therefore, attend meetings by renting a shared workplace which has also the facilities required to establish a connection to physical/virtual meetings.

  • Higher productivity

The last few years have shown that employees when enabled to work at schedules of their preference, increase their overall productivity. As the employees can also work from their own Incubators in Mumbai near their residence, the time taken for commuting to the office is considerably reduced. Therefore, they have more time and peace of mind, which translates to better productivity than before.

As the trend of flexible working schedules is rapidly rising, you can find the best options of Coworking Space offered by WorkLoft. Add greater convenience to your flexible working hours with the help of WorkLoft today.

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