5 Things to keep in mind while searching for an office space on Rent


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One of the major factors for evaluating your office should be the location of your business centre. It is vital to consider Location as a primary aspect while looking for an office space as it is going to reflect on your business cards, company’s website and your profession. Your clients, Employees and vendors will associate your business with its location.

While looking for your business location, you should always evaluate the following aspects:

Whether is it a safe vicinity?

Is it flexible to commute?

Does it surround with amenities such as restaurants, eateries, hospitals and other preferred choices?


office space for rentPrice is another aspect in searching for an office space. It has been noticed that many of the Startup founders have burnt a huge hole in their pockets in search of a big office space irrespective of knowing its area per square feet and other minute details. Always, keep in mind that all the furnished office space for rent comes with high maintenance cost, furniture, parking and other utilities such as Wi-fi, printer or scanner, tea/coffee and conference room.  Thus, it is required to identify your budget and plan things according to the budget.

if you are exploring an option of office space for Rent, it is recommended to carefully read the lease agreement and look if there is any hidden cost included. As many office providers may offer bare bone offices at low price first and then add piecemeal prices for common facilities such as cleaning and maintenance charges and virtual office address.

BEWARE of the Hidden Costs!!!



office space for rentSize should also be considered while examining an office space. You should choose the size of an office according to your requirement, your team and future scope of the company.

To avoid wastage of money, a startup company is recommended to buy a shared office space or a small office space on rent.

Considering this, the office should allow a decent amount of moving space for its employees and their own personal space.

Therefore, owner should always consider these above reason whether it’s a small office space for rent.

Henceforth, be picky with what you invest in as wasted money is worst than wasted time.

Thus, Size does matter!!!



space on rentDon’t we believe, when we actually see and feel it!A well furnished and well equipped framework of an office will create a positive work environment which will motivate employees and results in company’s fine growth and development.




Work Environment/style

Always consider the look and feel of the office space as one of the important factors while hunting an office. Your office style is a fantastic branding tool and thus reflects the image of your business and work culture.

Henceforth, always contemplate the above determinants before jumping into any conclusion. Your office is an impression of your product/service and work culture.

Choose your office space wisely!


Still struggling to find a place? If you are a Startup and looking for an office space for rent in Mumbai, it is suggested to find a shared office space, a coworking space or a Business centre in Mumbai. Coworking spaces such as @Workloft provide a well Furnished office space for Rent including basic amenities such as free wifi, 24/7 access to the office, printing and scanning facility, conference room, storage facilities at a reasonable cost.

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