The Whys and Wherefores of a Coworking Space

The concept of coworking is rather new, but it has taken the world by the storm. In the last few years many countries of the world has embraced the concept of coworking. Experts of different sectors have also confirmed it to be the best alternative to working from home. It is also better to work among many people and sharing views and concepts than working in your office alone. Besides, flexibility, networking opportunities, and increased productivity are some of the perks of working from a coworking space.

Understanding coworking

It is a situation where two or more people work together in the same place, but not necessarily in the same office. For example, a business centre in Mumbai will have thousands of people working together, but not all are from the same company. It’s a team that has diverse goals and requirements. Just that it’s a space utilized by a group of independent professionals who choose to work in one environment. It can be a temporary requirement or a full-time job. The flexibility of renting an office space for oneself completely depends on one’s extent and capacity of work. This type of an environment offers the workers to come together in a specific shared space and share productivity and develop a sense of community.

Advantages to employees

Even though freelancers are connected through telecommunication technology, they often feel isolated. Actually, the concept of a coworking space is built around sustainability and community-building. One of the most important things about a shared office space is that it creates a creative environment and a sense of community that is shared by like-minded professionals. People working in a shared space will have co-workers to bond with even if they are working on completely different projects.

Employees working together in such an office space do not share the same vision or follow the same pattern of work. Yet, they meet and greet each other every day and spend coffee breaks together. They help each other in different common aspects too. This does not create an environment of unhealthy competition among them. They do not just share the office space, but also amenities like pantry and kitchen where they can meet for coffee or snacks. Moreover, amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, electricity, and telephone connections are shared among all the employees working in a coworking space Mumbai.

Different sizes and varieties

If you perceive that a coworking space comprise of a huge shared areas, you are probably stereotyping the concept. In fact, there could be small, multiple smaller units that work in a common space. Moreover, if you have known that a coworking office space is for the freelancers, you are wrong again! Often big companies take a shared space on lease temporarily for accomplishing any temporary project. Coworking offices could be hired for both short and long periods. This often ranges from a few hours to days, and even months. So, it can be said that all coworking offices are different. You need to visit an office to check the space allotted for you before take it on lease. Do remember to check a few options before settling for one.

Renting a coworking area is cheaper than renting a floor for an office. Moreover, you can network better when working with many people together. In fact, there are many freelancing professionals as well as big companies that prefer shared offices to permanent set-ups, especially for temporary projects.

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