Why are the large companies and SMEs turning to the co-working industry

Almost a decade ago while the world outside India was witnessing an immense growth in the co-working culture, India was yet to set eyes upon it. But as time went by, India welcomed the perception of Coworking Space with open arms. It eventually had to, since shared workplaces are directly linked to increased productivity and overflow of innovations. And now, even the largest conglomerates are gradually getting pulled towards the co-working industry. One may think of this aspect in many ways, including that the larger companies perhaps want to have a taste of spontaneous stamina found in the ambiance of startups. Well, there are in fact, several reasons why large companies and SMEs are today turning to the shared working spaces.

What are the probable reasons for this popularity?

Let us take a look.

    • Giant companies also like to share simply for the reason of cost-cutting

Even if you tend to overlook the fact that, corporate sectors desire to get contaminated with the positive energy of co-working place, you can’t deny the fact that it helps them save bucks! Renting or even leasing a Business Centre in Mumbai can cost one almost 20 % more than getting a shared workplace. The percentage may vary if one desires to acquire a personal office in the posh area. Another factor is, giant corporate firms hunt for new cities to set up their centers, and if the team size is moderately small, getting a shared office turns out to be profitable.

    • Working method of the Indian youngsters have taken a steep switch from their forefathers

According to an official report among 72 % of the Indian startup founders about 30 % are less than 34 years. Even a few years earlier most companies use to set rule for 9-hours on the on-desk, but now things have changed for good. With the internet connecting individuals globally, now anyone can work from anywhere in a Virtual Office Space without being physically present in front of the company personals. The flexibility of the working hours is one of the vital reasons behind the enhancement of the productivity of the workforce. Most young start-up owners tend to list employee satisfaction as one of the must-have. In order to add certain tidbit elements of fun, they opt to shift their work based in a shared office where their vibes would be fuelled by various activities.

    • Companies want to imbibe the concept of community into their young employees from the very beginning

Most multinational companies, face serious productivity issues just because their employees are not keen to form a community. To avoid that, companies are now opting for Office Space For Rent In Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other metro cities. Basically, they want a chosen set of employees to work on a certain project and grow amongst the diverse culture of the co-working place.

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