Co-Working in 2020

In Mumbai, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-up teams usually search on the web with the phrase ‘co-working space near me’ to get an affordable workspace. Co-working space is the place where you can share space and work together with other people. You might be looking at a co-working space in Mumbai. While this is your common co-working space scenario, things are changing now and you may see slightly different co-working trends in 2020.

In case you are seeking to know the ways co-working space will look like in 2020, let WorkLoft discuss that in this blog. Here are a few ways co-working start-up office space will possibly look like in 2020:

1. Shared workspaces will become more industry-specific.

Nowadays, co-working space has become the one-stop destination for different clients, regardless of the industry they belong to. Nevertheless, with a lot of people looking to use it, organizations would necessarily craft their services to fulfill the requirements of increasing clients.

For instance, by 2025, the market of IoT is considered to grow by over 100%. This would make the virtual office space more popular. Nevertheless, when organizations would prefer attracting IoT experts, they would have to add some robust features in their office space also.  And these may bring a place where everybody can test and grow their hardware and software products.

2. Constant development and growth of co-working place

These days, there are many shared office spaces in Mumbai and this year, we expect the number to grow more also. We are expecting this growth of co-working spaces in 2020 as a lot of people are showing interest in this trend in India, especially in Mumbai, a crucial business center of the country. Apart from the establishment of new construction and buildings, you are going to see the conversion of the present workspaces and built facilities into co-working spaces in 2020.

3. Big organizations also will opt for co-working places

Apart from offering lots of facilities to start-ups, now co-working places are also benefitting the bigger players on the market. Big companies are getting attracted by the concept of working with more freedom and not in a cubicle; hence they are planning to rent a desk. Presently, this type of thought is also making people working in bigger firms more excited. According to our anticipation, Gen Z workers and millennials would rule the workforce. And usually, this group of people would prefer working in a virtual workspace. In case big agencies find this out, they would try their best to take benefits of a co-working space.

Hence, we can say that co-working space would be in demand among mid to large-sized companies also along with start-up companies, freelancers, and individual entrepreneurs. Bigger organizations will also use virtual spaces so they can meet the job satisfaction of their employees and help employees increase their productivity.

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