Use The New Year Buzz To Promote Your Business

Marketers always find a way to create a buzz around their brand. As everyone is busy enjoying the advent of a New Year, some companies manage to establish their dominance in the industry at the same time. Talk about a co-working space or any other commercial establishment; no one would want to miss this opportunity.

If you were looking for ways to create a hype around your business on the New Year, then use the following tactics.

Celebrate together

People can often be seen with high enthusiasm and in a joyous mode on different social media platforms. Nothing can be better than being a part of their happy moments. Share posts on all the social media platforms encouraging people to engage and share their positive vibes with you and others through your social posts. If you have a virtual office space, then try to create posts around it. It will serve two purpose- one of promoting your business, and second of garnering people’s’ attention.

Share useful tips and tricks

The only thing that remains constant every year is the New Year resolutions. As soon as the calendar gets ready to welcome the New Year, people start forming their resolutions. You should keep a watch on what people are sharing concerning their resolution, and then craft your social posts accordingly. Try to showcase your products/services creatively, and join the bandwagon subsequently.

Include humor in your posts

No one would like to read serious business posts when everyone is indulged in a chirpy mode. This is probably the best time to exude your creativity. Creating social media posts that talk about your offered products/services playfully can bring unexpectedly good results. For example, if you own shared office space in Mumbai, then talk about it in a way that it appears to be informational and humorous at the same time.

Attract planners

Apart from setting resolutions, people also prefer to plan their way ahead. You can act as a guide that can help them execute their plan correctly. A co-working startup office space in Mumbai, for example, can spread information as to how startup owners can proceed ahead with their dream of starting up their venture without having to pay a hefty amount as office rent. People love problem solvers, and the New Year will be just perfect to do this.

These are just some tactics that you can use to catch eyeballs of the target audience. Different organizations should use different ways because what works for a co-working office space in Mumbai, may or may not work for other type of organization. Experimenting is the best way out. However, by incorporating the shared tactics in your plan, you can definitely get good results. And if you’re looking for a fun co-working place in Mumbai, then you should check out Workloft. It is recognized as one of the best shared office spaces in the city. With the amazing people working there, you can gather some ideas to create a buzz around New Year with their help.

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