Co-working space

A hugely popular trend that is entering 2020 is the co-working office space. Hugely appreciated for the innumerable benefits these have organizations like WorkLoft has made the most of this opportunity offering shared office spaces in this crucial time of space crunch.

The question arises in our mind that what makes coworking space so popular?

The fact that companies can actually save the budget for office space and its set up and that same can be invested in growing the brand.

With more and more aspirant entrepreneurs opting out for shared office space, these are now spread over the biggest cities in India. Owing to this finding shared office space Mumbai has become easier. Co-working spaces always seem a better option for start-ups instead of a work-from-home type set up.

New trends to be expected of co-working space in 2020

  • Business giants going for co-working office space: It is expected that in the coming year the biggest names will be enlisted in the list of owning office space for rent. A luxurious office might seem attractive from outside but investing in such an office might not prove to be cost-effective. In the near future, shared office spaces are expected to take over the traditional workspaces.
  • Minimalist office decor: The first thing you notice about a co-working space is its decoration. It is minimal, compact and containing things that are absolutely necessary. The decor will please the aesthetics of the viewers and ensure better productivity of the employees providing them an ideal environment to work in.  
  • Dominance over small towns: Shared office space has already spread over big cities and in the coming year they will surely take over the small cities as they are beneficial for small business ventures with the minimum fund. Even the government might take up initiatives to introduce these in smaller towns.
  • Better networking in professional front: For the start-ups, a virtual office space might seem like a great idea because the entire team can function seamlessly without having to meet in person; it shatters the boundaries of distance and time. With improved networking that is essential for business ventures to grow, the concept of virtual offices will certainly gain more ground.
  • Inspiration for the young entrepreneurs: for the aspirant entrepreneurs startup office space is like a boon. There is no burden of paying lease or extra expenses that come with traditional offices. It is also a great way to promote their brand. This concept is sure to impress young and innovative minds.
  • The flexibility of location: Because of the ease of the shared office space it can be set up anywhere. So instead of owning one office companies can set up multiple offices. 
  • Going green: Considering the growing environmental issues, these shared office spaces also take note of the environmental concerns. They promise a balanced use of resources sharing vital resources.

WorkLoft is one such organization that has indeed brought in the best options and popularised shared office spaces today. Their coworking spaces have proved to be the real game-changer.

So let these trends guide you to make the most of it in the coming year.

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