The benefits and downsides of working from a virtual office

Regardless of whether you are a startup or if you are working as a freelancer, working from an office space will definitely improve your productivity as well as creativity. The professional environment has an energetic buzz around it, which is absent when you are working from your home or study or for that matter garage. A virtual office is a furnished space replete with fax machines, printers, scanners, conference rooms, etc, which provides with a business-friendly domain. Workloft is an excellent company which offers office space for rent, at really affordable rates. The amenities provided by them are impeccable, so if you are in Mumbai are looking forward to working from an office space which will bring forth betterment in your work, then you will definitely benefit from the virtual office spaces owned by this company.

The benefits of a virtual office space for rent

1. The most important factor to be noted is the cost. It is almost impossible for a budding freelancer or entrepreneur to set up an office space that too in an expensive city like Mumbai. In such a case scenario, it is best, to opt for a coworking space in Mumbai, because it pocket-friendly yet you enjoy working in a professional habitat without any interference or disturbance.

2. If you are a startup, then working from a proper office area will provide with an upscale image to your brand. It will bring forth the competence in your staff and provide with a more business-like environment.

3. It is a hundred times cheaper than setting up an office all by yourself. Office space rentals allow you to save up on capital to use in other areas of brand building like marketing, SEO, etc. Most young professionals lack that kind of capital so rented office spaces can be very adbantageous to them.

4. Such a service has become commonplace in most developed cities in India like Mumbai. You can select the location and maintain a professional presence. Startup Office Space Mumbai have pocket-friendly rent so it helps in keeping the budget tight. It is excellent for freelancers who lack motivation while working from home.

5. You can choose your timing which is yet another important factor. Besides, your rent will be in accordance with the hours you and company use the office area. The working hours are flexible and most of the office spaces have a very energetic vibe. There is a feel-good factor associated to these virtual offices which have helped a number of working professionals grow stronger in their work.

The disadvantages

1. One of the common problems is that of space. Once your company picks up and starts growing, then you will have to operate from a shared office, as a virtual office may be a little tight on space.

2. The majority of virtual offices do not have conference and meeting rooms, which may pose a problem for companies which are growing larger and wish to set up meetings with important clients.

Workloft offers various kinds of shared workspaces in Mumbai, in different localities. So if you are just beginning a career and wish to develop your own company or work as a freelancer, then you will definitely benefit from working in their virtual offices. Considering the above pointers, the advantages, definitely outweigh the disadvantages, which is why you must consider these services.

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