Startups love the concept of a Co-working space?

The concept of shared office space is increasing everyday with the increase in new ideas & innovations bagged by funding through angel investors, crowd funding & other means of fund raising modes.

Majorly the startup office space should be equipped with basic necessities & a healthy work
environment like space with desk & chair to work, high speed internet access which is considered as the next necessity after food, clothing & shelter, meeting room facility where the important meetings can be scheduled & most important one is 24*7 access to the office as most of the startups have flexible work timings.

  • Shared office concept has a lot of benefits-Economical for startups– Compared to an individual office available for rent, shared office is preferable to budding small business as these offices are ready to move in ones with all the basic amenities required for working. Also, there is no high deposit involved in case of shared office which is accompanied with no time frame commitment.
  • Networking– The most important factor which drives the startups to move to coworking space is the amount of networking involved. There are a lot of events which are hosted which involves all the co-workers which helps them to grow in-house & boost their business opportunities.
  • Flexibility of space– Most of the office space available for rent has been converted into shared office ones due to increasing demand. Also there is a lot of flexibility with the increase or decrease of the seats. Suppose, in case an employee of one specific startup leaves then he/she can instantly decrease the number of seat from the next month which saves the cost of one unutilized seat.

WorkLoft, a coworking office space in Mumbai, sitiuated on the central line, is one of the biggest one in the same periphery which has a total seating capacity of 300 people.

WorkLoft is well equipped coworking space with all the major facilities a startup hunts for while selecting a shared office space. It has a fully furnished office space available for rent with high speed unlimited internet, unlimited tea/coffee, meeting room facility, printer/scanner facility & the most important one is it offers a 24*7 access to the space. The USP of the space is it is very near to the station which reduces the travel time to a great extent.

WorkLoft, also organize a lot of meetups along with social networking events in order to enhance the business opportunities with a total healthy working environment.

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