Shared Co Working Space Is the Best for Companies Testing New Waters

It is true that the past few years saw a boom in the startup industry like never before! Innovative ideas are flowing and there is a high demand for a modern and smart way of working. The young generation is riding the bandwagon of this trend. However, the establishment costs are high and maintaining proper office spaces is something that the new entrepreneurs seem to be reluctant about. A shared, co working space on lease gives a lot of flexibility and is often considered to be more convenient.

Why shared spaces?

Office space rental is not only for the entrepreneurs with limited capital. But think if you require a workspace for a short period of time, would you opt for a permanent office space? In fact, there are quite a few options for renting such corporate incubators in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Typically such a co working space has month-to-month flexibility. In fact, these spaces come with location benefits as well as local infrastructural benefits too. Employees of a company can reach these office addresses easily and can work together towards a greater goal. For large corporates as well as small companies, employee motivations, as well as satisfaction, are the key driving factors for moving to a shared office space.

Will it be a good idea?

Still wondering whether you should take a shared office space on a lease? Are you wondering whether taking a space on lease for a temporary period of time will affect the reputation or credibility of the company? Then, you must know that according to a study by JLL, shared working spaces is expected to be an industry that will see more than $400 million in investments by the end of the year 2018. Particularly, hiring incubators in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi-NCR will lead to a reduction in the cost of running offices by 20-25% as compared to companies maintaining traditional offices. It has also been found by JLL that the main driving forces, other than employee convenience and motivation are networking opportunities, infrastructure, and definitely cost. Such a concept is helping the companies to grow together and collaborate with each other on various aspects. Thus, these are much more than office spaces – these are spaces where people can create value and connect with each other. They are using the available spaces more efficiently and effectively.

India is fast adapting to this shift

These days there are quite a few real estate companies in India that are specifically providing office spaces for rent or lease. The spaces are available on a monthly or daily basis, which makes it easier for the companies to take a space as per their specific requirement. In India, the way people work has changed a lot from what it was a few decades back and that has led to a growth of the concept. A shared office space on lease comes with chairs, tables, lightings, air-conditioning and all other infrastructural facilities that one can ask for. The popularity of co working spaces is growing so much that it has been estimated that by the year 2020, most of the traditional offices will be taken over by co-working incubators.

Think no further. If you are looking for a temporary space to work for a couple of days or a few months, take an office on rent. Taking incubators on a lease is better than taking a space and spending money on arranging the infrastructure, that too for a limited time.

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