Points to Keep in Mind While Finding The Right CoWorking Space

Undoubtedly, with the increasing demands of start-up oriented industry and growing numbers of entrepreneurs and freelancers we can find at least one Co working space in every nook and cranny today. But the question still arises, which coworking place is well suited for an entrepreneur and its startup team. Therefore, this article will examine this epidemic and provide some possible points to keep in mind while looking for a shared office space on rent.

1) Location and convenience.

Having an office which is not only nearer to the train station but also has an easy highway connectivity is everybody’s dream. Such dreams are truly being fulfilled by a coworking spaces. There are few coworking spaces which provide this benefits. A good illustration would be WorkLoft, an office space in Mumbai, it is allocated just a minute walkable distance away from Nahur (central) station and it is easily connected to Mulund- goregoan linkroad. Thus, it is recommended to choose an office which provides such convenience location in order to avoid any problems in health or delays in work.

2) Safety and security

It is necessary to work under a safety premises. Safety is the top most concern for many professionals. Working under CCTV surveillance and the place guided by the professional security guards is important as there many co working spaces which is open 24*7 and there many female professionals who work all day long and night.  Hence, safety in the premises and vicinity should be prior on the list while hunting an office space on rent.

3) Networking and office environment

We cannot deny that many entrepreneurs or start-up professionals join Co working space only to make new contacts to increase their cliental profile. However, there are many coworking spaces which give more importance to the interiors rather than having a professional environment. Henceforth, it is suggested to opt for a coworking space which provides you a good platform for networking and a professional conference/ training room facilities for your meetings.

I know one of the startup office space in Mumbai, WorkLoft, because I have been working here since last one year, it provides a networking session for its members every month and has a office environment look and good meeting and training room facilities attached with Projector.

4) Business amenities

The biggest advantage of renting a coworking space is it comes with some attached amenities such as Wi-Fi, storage, conference room, café services, printer and scanning, Electricity and Maintenance. Furthermore, there are many co working spaces which provides 24*7 access to the office. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for Entrepreneurs who want to work even at night. Not only this, Co working spaces even provide Virtual office benefits such as mail services and use of Business address. For instance, WorkLoft, a coworking space in Mumbai, provides all of the above amenities and its 24*7 open with benefits of Virtual office in Mumbai.

The above pointers will help you hunt down a great and satisfying co working space.  

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