Myth About Coworking Space & Advice for Entrepreneurs

Do you think that co-working space in Mumbai can hamper your productivity?

Or do you feel that it might not be that great an option to allow your business to live up to its potential?

If the answers to both of these questions are “Yes”, then we’re here to tell you that your assumptions are mostly based on myths!

Even though shared offices are nowadays being chosen by more and more people, still a lot of people tend to think that such offices are too crowded and noisy, or not suited for established businesses.

Thankfully, today we have some interesting facts for you. Here are some of these co-working myths busted for good!

Let us check them out –

1. Co-working spaces are not just for freelancers

You can opt to work in a shared office space in Mumbai even when you are in your 50s and 60s. In other words, it is not meant for only freelancers or startups. Co-working spaces are usually informal and extremely welcoming, and thus are suitable for any type of business- be it new or old. It promotes a friendly and comfortable work environment, and in turn, leads to an increase in productivity.

2. All co-working spaces are not the same

Co-working spaces differ quite a lot from each other. On websites for co-working spaces like WorkLoft, you will see how different spaces cater to different needs. So, if you feel that a particular co-working site is not suited to your taste, you can just take a look at another one listed on the website.

3. Co-working spaces are not all about social interaction and gossip

A lot of people have difficulty in interacting with other people in their new coworking office space, especially if the environment is informal and everyone is expected to talk to everyone. Well, with co-working spaces, no one will force you to step out of your comfort zone to socialize. If you want to keep to yourself and work in a quiet, you can even repurpose one of the empty rooms in the space as your own personal work station. You can interact as little or as much as you like- just plug in your headphones if you do not wish to be disturbed.

4. Co-working offices are not like regular office spaces

At startup incubators in Mumbai, you will reap the benefits of both a startup and a café. This will prevent your team from getting bored with seeing each other every day, as they will get to interact with a whole office full of different people on a regular basis. You can mix the equipment and high-speed internet connection provided by an office with the connectivity and conversation found in cafes.

5. Co-working spaces are EVERYWHERE

You might be thinking that there is no way there is an office space for rent in Mumbai near you. You’re wrong. If you live in a commercially active place, chances are that you have a co-working office space for rent right up your street. More and more co-working spaces are coming to the fore because of the practical benefits as well as popularity.

If you aren’t sure about the availability of a co-working space around you, you can check up the listings on WorkLoft. You’ll find all the details you need there.

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