A List of Amenities That Is Commonly Found In a Shared Office Space

The popularity of working in shared spaces is increasing. Today, there are many entrepreneurs and freelancers who are choosing to rent these spaces for a temporary period of time. These co working spaces available on rent have amenities and facilities that encourage the professionals to work from there. Most of these working spaces have amenities that orient mental and physical wellness. Moreover, generally a shared office space is used by people who have similar state of mind. Therefore, it’s a chance for the employees also to work amidst like-minded people. Besides these, here is a list of amenities that are being offered by an office space available for rent:

Food and treats: Most of the co working spaces have pantries and canteens. It is here that the employees can meet for a treat or a cup of coffee. Generally, in such a corner in a virtual office in Mumbai the employees get fresh food supplies. Thus, they do not have to starve themselves while working for long hours at a stretch. Most of the offices have counters for snacks and beverages and yet there are others where the employees could enjoy a full-course meal. Moreover, it is also possible to enjoy cookies, jams, sandwiches, and doughnut in between work.

Internet connectivity: In a co working office space there is an availability of fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Thus, you do not have to worry about your internet connectivity anymore. You will not face a disruption in work or fail to perform certain actions because of poor connectivity problem. A co working space will always provide a steady and consistent internet connection to work with. A dropped internet connection in the middle of sending an email or making a transfer of finances or files is annoying for the employees. This is not faced by people working in shared spaces.

Comfortable sitting arrangement: If you are working from home or from anywhere else, you won’t get the comfort that is provided in a coworking space. The chairs and the sitting arrangements are done keeping in mind the ultimate comfort of the people working there. Moreover, the layout of the space also allows easy access to most of the shared amenities. Generally, a co working office has a variety of sitting options. Employees working there can choose to sit and work in anything they are comfortable in. Remember, you are going to spend a long time sitting in those chairs. So, these need to be ergonomically sound. Moreover, the chairs are comfortable and adjustable so that one can adjust those as per convenience.

Call areas and phone booths: Telephone is an amenity that is shared among the people working in a virtual office space. There are call booths and specially demarcated areas where one can stand and make phone calls. Thus, while each one of the employees in a common space can make private phone calls, it is also possible to have a conference call with the distant members or teams in the designated call areas without having to disturb the others working there.

Conference rooms: Even the freelancers need to have meetings and conferences with the employees or clients. Thus, in a co working space, having a conference room is an amenity that is an absolute necessity. Each of the teams or members can hold a meeting at a certain time in that space. It is a space mostly used for group brainstorms, interviews, and meetings.

These are just a few of the long, in-exhaustive list of amenities that a shared office space provides. Each of the shared offices has a variety of amenities to offer. While some of the offices have wellness rooms, others offer personal care services to the employees. So, before choosing a shared office space, you must check for amenities as per your requirements.

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