Know the Reasons Why Large Conglomerates Are Relocating Into Coworking Space?

Coworking space is the new growing concept in the startup community for several benefits. It can be easily figured out that nowadays even the established companies & big corporates are moving towards opting of coworking space rather than an individual office.

Compared to normal office space for rent, the concept of shifting the peripheral is not only because of the ease to work in a ready to move in office but also due to the fact that the culture of the young employees is more of working in such an environment rather than being in a frame of corporate culture.

Major reasons for which large conglomerates are relocating into coworking space are listed below-

  • Keeping a close eye to the new technology- It is important for the established companies as well to keep a close eye to the new technologies which are getting into the market. Most of the startups work on new ideas, innovations & latest technologies which help to enhance the product & the existing technologies. Thus, a lot of big corporates are moving to shared office space wherein they can be in regular touch with such entrepreneurs.
  • Ease of the logistics- Even for the established big corporates, to start with a new vertical, It is important for them to have everything on a much quicker pace otherwise it results in wastage of time by looking for a complete different office along with all the necessary requirements like workstations, internet, cafeteria etc. Most of the conventional Office on Rent in Mumbai has converted their space in co working space as it helps them to save the cost in such a dynamic scenario as there is no blockage in terms of time span & finances. Thus, most of them opt for office space on rent or shared office space to start with.
  • Zero maintenance cost- The best part of using a coworking space is that the unnecessary burden of maintenance cost gets reduced which occurs in individual office space for rent. The payment is in the form of a complete package which includes housekeeping, electricity, tea/coffee, maintenance & all other related expenses.
  • Vibrant & enthusiastic environment- Normal office on rent in Mumbai has a specific corporate culture to work in. But contrary to that, on an average it has been seen that most of the coworking spaces have the age group between 20-30 years of age. The young crowd brings a lot of positivity & enthusiasm to work specially on new technologies which gets a sense of motivation not only within the team but also among other co-workers at the shared office space.
  • Increasing demand in different verticals- Coworking space has wide verticals of business nature which is not specific to one single technology. Most of the corporates are now moving to office space on rent at a shared office space as it helps them to work in a collaborative manner & get explored to the talent in other verticals as well which helps their business to grow on a larger extent.
  • Social networking- Normally big corporates have more of a formal environment to work in compared to a coworking space which is more of socializing place, a place where people network & grow along with the casual culture.

WorkLoft, one of the co working space in Mumbai , provides with all such add ons which supports the startup community with spacious workstations & a 24*7 access to the space.

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