India Is Fast Adopting the Trend of Working in a Coworking Space. Here’s why?

According to a recent report, there was just 1 coworking office space in the US, which skyrocketed by the year 2013 to more than 3000 shared spaces worldwide. The trend also caught up quite fast in India. It is among those dozens of nations where, according to a new survey, the growth of coworking office spaces has increased by more than 10, 000 during the year 2016.

Who does a coworking space appeal?

The concept is based on the idea that freelancers and small teams of professionals who find it financial stressful to take office on rent in Mumbai, can now have an office too! It is seen that people who have workplace flexibility show better performance while working together. Each shared space in a virtual office Mumbai is a hub for independent professionals who evolve towards networking and sustainability. Freelancers of all types, including smartphone professionals, self-employed workers, small businesses, and smaller teams can benefit highly from coworking office spaces. The concept allows renting of spaces for working on an hourly or monthly basis. One can also take a few minutes of the break-time of any office to do any specific task. Thus, it can be said that it is a concept that has created community as well as reduced the operational and other costs.

Future of shared office spaces in India

The CBRE 2017 Asia Pacific Occupier Survey Report says that the future of shared office spaces and workplace flexibility looks bright in India. There are a lot of multinational as well as large corporations of the Asia-Pacific region that are planning to enter the Indian market. Due to an upsurge in the foreign outsourcing and investment in the country, the number of office spaces increased manifold. From just 1.4 million square feet in the year 2001, the number increased to 15.2 million square feet in the year 2015.

Benefits and reasons for choosing shared spaces to work

Even though it was just freelancers and entrepreneurs of small companies who were utilizing the facility, now even the large organizations are also eager to rent startup incubators in Mumbai to develop any specific department or for special training facilities.

The average cost of renting office spaces in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, or Delhi is generally very high. Moreover, if the office is at a prime location in the city or has modern amenities, the cost is double! However, this is not the case with renting a coworking space. Most of the office spaces are charged on an hourly or per seat basis. The amount of money that one needs to pay to use any specific space generally includes sharing the conference rooms, reception, kitchen, as well as fax and telephone. The rent, administrative costs, maintenance costs, pantry, as well as utility costs are divided. Thus, having a virtual office Mumbai by renting coworking office spaces is economical as well as convenient.

Best for start-ups

Renting startup incubators in Mumbai let the small and newly established companies to easily replace the traditional working styles easily. This is a trend that allows the employees to adopt newer working patterns. Shared offices often have superior internet connectivity. A company putting office on rent in Mumbai will offer different kinds of tech support too to the people working there.

Apart from flexible working environment and timings, shared spaces offer a place where one can brainstorm new ideas and learn something new each day. There are no special cubicles, no dress codes, and often no hierarchy. According to a recent report by the CBRE the total space for coworking-office leasing is going to increase to around 10 million sq. ft. by the year 2020.

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