How to get the best furnished office space for rent in Mumbai?

We cannot deny that finding an office space can be a quite traumatic experience and an expensive affair in cities like Mumbai. It is a professional necessity to have a well maintained and fully adequate office space. Seems to be difficult? Not anymore. With the existence of co-working space it has given a new concept to start-up office, where entrepreneurs can now work from their own workspace and enjoy all the benefits of different business amenities attached with it. Professionals who cannot afford to rent an office in Mumbai, usually have to confine themselves to coffee-shops and cafes which are not only deemed unprofessional and add to the unnecessary cost of ordering coffees in-line with the time spend at the venue as a lot of such places don’t allow one to occupy the space with out ordering something. Such instances lead to the introduction of the Co-working spaces. Owning an office or a small office space for rent in cities like Mumbai can be exorbitant and hectic but with the help of co-working concept, you can easily find an office on rent in Mumbai. Not only do co-working spaces provide low-cost offices spaces, one can also avail services of Virtual office spaces when one doesn’t require a physical space as such. Another great reason where co-working spaces get an upper-hand over traditional coffee-shops or individual office spaces is the lucrative networking mediums it provides which are of upmost importance for any professionals working in the same industry. Collaborations, sharing of ideas and new synergies between entrepreneurs are an added bonus which comes with co-working spaces.

WorkLoft is one such co-working space situated in the heart of Mumbai suburbs which provides top-notch services which can cater to professionals of all ranges and sizes, rightly from solo-preneurs small size teams right up to 100+ member companies. Coupled with excellent road and rail network connectivity, considering it is located right next to Nahur station and 5 minutes’ off-ramp from Eastern Express Highway. The premise provides high-speed internet coverage with 24*7 access to the space which is very lucrative to global professionals who work on different time-zones. The space has adequate security arrangements in place.

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