How to Find the Best Start-up Office Space for You & Your Employees

When you are seeking a perfect start-up office space and work ambiance, numerous factors can really make the procedure tedious for you. You require meeting the present start-up business requirements while considering selecting something affordable and better for team spirit, so it can define your brand image accurately.

In case you are starting your hunt for a virtual office in Mumbai for your start-up requirements, here are some tips from WorkLoft that must help you make the accurate decision while selecting an office space for start-ups.

1. Select the right location

A physical location for your start-up business makes the right impression to your clients. People believe in brands that have physical locations where they can meet business owners and get details about the business. Your office space location decides the image you make to your existing and possible clients. While getting co-working spaces in Mumbai is costly and difficult for start-ups, selecting such a prime location helps you develop your brand recognition. Your employees and clients must have an easy time using the office.

Ponder traffic flows and the roads’ condition. Moreover, ponder safety and other facilities like recreational and restaurant facilities. In case rent costs are pretty high in a perfect area, ponder renting a shared office space in Mumbai with other businesses.

2. Ponder company culture

Your new start-up workspace will certainly go a long way in terms of developing the office culture you want to promote within your organization and project within your industry. Considering this, keep in mind that your workplace must have the required space for accommodating breaks and every appropriate team activity, while also making a long-lasting impression with every client who visits you. Appearances may not be important but, in the business world, they matter a lot.

3. Get value for your investment

Many property owners’ target is to get as much as they can from all investments in terms of rent costs. Measure the costs of every space to decide whether you are getting value for your money. Often there is a possibility of finding hidden costs in the fine print of lease contracts. If you read the lease document in a hurry, you may miss those costs. Evaluate the entire charges of shifting your business to the new place incorporating the rates of installations and renovations. If this shift doesn’t bring more money for you, you really should think about whether it’s required. Profitability is always an important driving factor. Moreover, the rate must be within your budget for leasing and rent costs.

4. Consider accessibility

From convenient amenities to cost-effective and quick internet, you must focus on what accessibilities you will get to your new office space. Basically, you will require offering your staff members access to every basic welfare facility, but there are numerous other factors to remember before taking actions. Having an adequate number of parking spots will be especially vital while inviting clients for visiting your office regularly, and you should think whether your office will require wheelchair availability for the advantage of your team and visitors.


These are a few tips to find the best office space rentals for you and staffing members. Consider contacting WorkLoft that can offer you start-up workspace in Mumbai to help your business grow.

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