Co-Working Space

What does a successful business depend on? 

Many aspirant entrepreneurs will agree that it is nothing else but good networking. The entire idea of business, that is the exchange of goods and services, is completely dependent on the connection between people and organizations. The concept of sharing a co working space has enabled this building of rapport between people and service providers. 

In the present scenario, space crunch has developed as a major threat to the existence of the start-ups. But organizations like WorkLofthas made owning a personal space for start-ups easier by providing small office space for rent. Whether small or big, business owners opt for coworking spaces as they are affordable as well as beneficial for the company’s growth.

What are the ways to build a network in a coworking space?

  • Having the same timings for breaks – Break times are the best for interaction between employees. Having the same break time as your fellow tenants provide them an opportunity to get to know each other well. All you have to do is initiate a conversation as the human bond develops with simple gestures like a ‘Hi’ or exchange of smiles. This warmth between employees results in a good working environment in the office and motivates employees to be more productive. 
  • Common space for working – Most of the organizations who share office space with others follow an open door policy. It makes the office atmosphere more welcoming and friendly. Many companies even offer shared office space for the employees of two different organizations to encourage the sharing of knowledge. This rapport building between employees and companies often result in the exchange of services between two such companies. 
  • Hosting joint workshops – What can be the easiest way of building a network other than bringing everyone under one roof? Workshops in any form are a great way to attract people as they encourage team spirit. Top business centres in Mumbai conduct free workshops for employees for making the bond between employees stronger. Workshops are an interactive platform where people share their past experiences in business, future plans and goals with others. Workshops are a great way to promote brand names as well. 
  • Celebrate events together – When people share the same passion and curiosity about things, any relationship is bound to flourish. Event and celebration bring people closer and help in the building up of the network. Companies opting for office for rent in Mumbai can also host events and invite fellow tenants. It helps to spread the goodwill of your brand enabling brand promotion. 
  • Space for collaboration – Coworking office must provide employees a space to collaborate as it strikes meaningful conversation between people. You can also use materials for promotional purposes.  

A good network between employees does not only promote the personal growth of the employees by exposing them to new information but also indirectly boosts the expansion of the business itself. With organizations like WorkLoft, where you get the widest choice of co working spaces, networking with other professionals will be easier than ever.No wonder WorkLoft has indeed been a great platform for the success of many start-ups.

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