How Co-Working And Start-Ups Give Us Major Friendship Goals!

Own a start-up company? Then you must have considered the prospect of renting coworking space already. Co-working spaces help start-up businesses save on a variety of costs, mainly electricity and rents. Real estate costs make up for almost 9-12 percent of a company’s corporate budget. For a start up office, this fraction can be larger because everything needs to be started from scratch. One of the best ways to avoid unwelcome costs while starting a start-up business is by renting a coworking space.

What exactly is a co-working space?

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular all over the country. They can be rented on an hourly, daily or monthly basis on platforms like WorkLoft, and are being offered to many major firms. The flexibility of these spaces is what accounts for their demand. If you need an office space occasionally for meeting clients, you can rent a co-working space for a few hours and will be charged on the basis of the number of people you entertain. If you need a working space for a few months to complete a major project at hand, you will find spaces for that as well. Basically, you will have the freedom to rent the space as per your requirements.

Why should you choose a co-working space for your start-up?

Managing a start-up office can be hectic, but a co working space can save you a lot of trouble in the following ways:

  • Cost effective:

When you rent a co-working space on WorkLoft, you save a lot of money, simply by doing away with the unnecessary expenses that come with renting a space. You only pay for the time you use the space, instead of paying for the whole month.

  • Multiple offices:

Once your start-up takes off, you will have a number of clients in different cities. It would be easier for you to rent an office space to meet your clients instead of setting up shop everywhere.

  • Customisation:

In these spaces, you can choose to customize the area in whatever way you want to. For example, you can work in your own cabin, an open space or even outdoors. There are no inhibitions when it comes to the infrastructure of these spaces, and thus you are at liberty to work in whatever conditions you would like.

  • Networking:

The scope of networking in a shared working environment is tremendous. You get to meet people from varied backgrounds which eventually lead you to exchange of ideas and thoughts. And networking is the best way to expand your identity and therefore, the scope of your business.

WorkLoft – your best bet at finding a virtual office in Mumbai

Any new business person will know the struggle of finding a shared startup office space Mumbai. Thankfully, WorkLoft comes to the rescue. It is their motto to serve their clients to the best of their ability, and provide an amiable and comfortable work atmosphere for all the employees. They use their creativity to convert all your ordinary edifices into extraordinary ones. They offer some of the most premium virtual office Mumbai at simply unbelievable prices. If you choose WorkLoft, you are guaranteed to save a lot of big bucks- good money that you can invest in other prospects of your business. Take a look at WorkLoft today and test them for yourself!

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