Hottest trends in Coworking to look out for in 2019

Has your monotonous little cubicle started to give you headaches yet? Making you lose the little interest you had in work life and pushing you towards vast depths of unproductivity?
The old ‘an extremely tiring day at work’ phrase is all in the past now, work is all about fun and comfort and being productive (not just hypothetically but in reality).

Here are some of the hottest trends to watch out for in a shared office space in the brand new year.

1) No more location constraints

Shared office spaces provide a sophisticated and motivating work environment for teams, to keep them returning to work fresh and energetic, thus increasing productivity by several notches. Your company can easily space out in different locations and cope up with the demands of the coworkers from all over the country.

Various companies providing coworking spaces in Mumbai have come up with sofa and balcony settings to add to the quirk.

2) Greater flexibility

You can work as much or as little as you want. There are no predestined office hours and you are entitled to leave as and when you decide that the work is done. You pay rent for the specific hours you spend, the specific seats that you occupy, and for basic amenities like electricity, water, the pantry, etc.

Working at the office has never been more fun and productive.

3) Diminished social barriers

With more number of people from different fields working alongside you, good conversations of varied dimensions are bound to take place, thus increasing your network and social contacts in a way and putting you at a beneficial position.

Such a startup office space is good for small companies that have just begun, and cannot afford plush office space, for a handful of employees. They also provide excellent work ethics and you are no longer worried about getting held up in household matters, which is difficult to avoid while working from home!

4) A lot of cost-cutting

An office for rent in Mumbai saves a lot of unproductive expenses. Money spent on maintenance and other amenities like electric connections or maybe high-speed internet that can be shared among all the users and paying a meagre amount as rent and other utility will be enough. Here you pay for what you use and nothing more.

5) Brilliant scope for digital marketing

A good and attractive change in the office decor, without burning a hole in your pockets is always welcome! But these office spaces at rent will not attract co-workers until it grabs eyeballs.

A coworking space must be up in the ads or on social media to be easily recognizable by workers.

6) Added benefits with GST

The tax slab for shared workspace Mumbai has recently been increased to 18% from the earlier 15%, but small offices or start-ups have to file a return only when their turnover is more than 20 lakh per annum (from the earlier rate of just 5 lakh).

If you are have been planning to start coworking in the New Year, then this is the ideal time to make it happen! Visit Workloft’s website to find out swanky shared spaces for your company. Workloft has been providing cutting-edge coworking spaces since 2006 and is bound to be the ultimate recipe for your success.

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