Give yourself a Christmas gift- Choose a coworking space this month

If you are dozing off constantly at work does that count as productive time?

What if you are constantly on the lookout for little excuses to escape your cubicle, and ‘get some fresh air’ 20 times a day!

Probably this is the right time to exchange your monotonous office space, with a fun, exciting and vibrant coworking space!

This Christmas let’s look into the options of acquiring a coworking space and all the good things it will do to you:

1) A positive change:

If you are planning to shift to a virtual office space, remember that it is going to be a very significant positive step for your company. A virtual office is the choice of the hour for entrepreneurs all over the world. And with this change, you will also be able to save loads of time, boost productivity and enjoy unlimited locational flexibility.

2) Work where and when you want:

Say bye to all the household issues and distractions that one faces while working from home. Get yourself a shared office space in Mumbai and keep working till the time your work is done. As such office spaces are available 24 hours a day, you can leave whenever you want. This increases productivity by a few folds.

3) Pay far less:

In a shared office space Mumbai you pay for just the amenities you use, and not for the entire office. If you are only using high-speed internet, pantry services, and electricity for “X” number of seats, then you need to pay the rent only for those specific seats, and not a single penny extra. This way a startup company that is unable to pay for a sprawling office doesn’t have to compromise on a healthy work environment!

4) Have a fixed office address:

Sometimes it’s necessary for your startup to have a fixed office address. Even though you are unable to provide for something that is expensive, this requirement can be taken care of by a startup office space Mumbai. Besides providing a fixed office address, it also takes care of a lot of other amenities that are being shared, unlike a tradition office for a single brand.

5) Networking and parties

With a variety of workers from different fields and activities working parallel to each other, a shared office space is a very good source of contacts and provides an immense opportunity for your startup to branch out and excel.

Moreover, can you really resist yourself from the gala parties that are held during Christmas and New Year, which brings a better and wider scope to spread your networks! Well, this is after all how you can expand your business with ideas and people, right?

6) Know about the GST

This is an important time, to begin with, a startup if you haven’t already. The tax returns need to be filed only when the amount is more than 20 lakhs (from the earlier 5 lakhs). Also, cross-border transport and cost of productions of other such items have been reduced, to facilitate the rise in the startup business arena.

Companies like Workloft have been providing uber-cool shared office spaces to modern business owners, since long, and have made a brand value of their own. You can go through their website and get yourself a suitable shared working space this festive season.

And who knows, it might just be the best gift for you this Christmas!

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