5 Important Factors Differentiating Co-Working Spaces and Shared Office Space

In today’s time and age, most of us are aware of the space crunch. Property is getting more and more expensive and setting up an office space isn’t easy at all. Startups can have a tough time setting up an office space, which is why it is best for them to choose a good coworking space. It is an excellent alternative to working from home and is great for freelancers. It is an inexpensive avenue for those who wish to work from an office environment and open to collaborations.

Such a workspace inspires creativity and productivity of individuals and small businesses. On the other hand, a shared office space is more suited to established businesses. Such spaces are replete with equipment like copiers, fax machines, printers, webcams, and office-type furniture. Some of these spaces have kitchens and provide with reception services as well. Workloft is your one-stop-shop for the best coworking spaces in Mumbai. It offers some amazing places to work across the city, regardless of the size of your company.

The major differences between co-working spaces and shared office spaces

  • What kind of businesses do they cater to?
    Co-working spaces are great for entry-level businesses or individuals, business owners or freelancers. It is a great place to work for those who are bored of working from their home. It proves to be much more productive and ideal for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on an individual office space, specific to their company. Shared office space in Mumbai is better for those companies who have started to pick-up and have a large clientele. It is a good space for holding client meetings without interference or disturbance.
  • Individuals VS groups
    Incubators In Mumbai are perfect for individuals while shared office spaces is perfect for a larger group of people working within the same enterprise. If your company has grown to a point where working remotely is hindering your progress, then it is time you start looking for shared office spaces.
  • Vibrant and loud VS quite and more professional
    Co-working spaces are ideal if you are open to collaborating with people working within the workspace. However, if you want a noiseless environment and do not want to socialize with others, then opting for the shared office spaces will be best for you and your company.
  • The price factor
    When it comes to virtual office Mumbai, coworking environment, can sometimes become cluttered and won’t have the best amenities possible. Therefore, that will definitely reflect in the rent. While coworking spaces are less pocket pinching its counterpart can be more expensive as it provides with a personal experience.
  • Office politics
    Since being a part of a coworking area is more of an individual experience, you will most probably be free from office politics. When it comes to shared offices, even though there are like-minded people in the team, politics can take place in a tight business group.

Workloft is one of the largest shared office space Mumbai. Such a service is excellent for those who wish to enjoy a thriving office environment, whilst improving their productivity. Such a service is easy on the pocket, but you enjoy the perks of working in a professional environment, amidst like-minded professionals. It is an excellent service for those who are planning to step out of their houses and work in an amazing, working area, where they can hone their craft and improve.

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