Coworking Space Provide A Platform For Remote Team – Need To Know

As more and more professionals are getting inclined towards “remote” jobs, it is becoming clearer that the future of work will revolve mostly around telecommuting. Working remotely not only serves as an advantage to employees but for companies, it is a win-win situation.

But most businesses treat the remote employees as the black sheep of their organization, thereby failing to realize that they might conquer the world within the next few years. Instead, if they choose to show the remote employees care and concern, the business will also improve.

You can also do that just by allowing your remote team to access a coworking space powered by WorkLoft.

So, what should you need to know before you delve into the task of managing your remote employees?

Introduce your team

First, you will have to form a remote team, if you do not have one already. After you have successfully recruited them, now is the time to start the process of onboarding them. Although they will work in a Virtual Office in Mumbai it is your responsibility to introduce them to all the existing employees of your organization. If you cannot onboard them the traditional way due to location differences, then ensure to do it virtually.

Make the most of the available resources

After you have got your team, you then need to ensure that they can properly do their tasks they were hired for, without any physical assistance by their side.

  • Sharing files – Although a genuine Startup Office Space will have the necessary apps and tools to guarantee file sharing between employees instantly, you have to keep a check.
  • Collaboration platforms – This would be helpful in enabling chat options between you and your remote team.
  • Timezone apps – Instead of calculating the best time to communicate with the members of your distributed team, make use of timezone apps to schedule meetings and reach out to them.
  • Scheduling virtual assistants – Free the pressure off the minds of your remote team by allowing them to access virtual assistants who will schedule an in-person meeting and online video conferencing calls.

Make them acquainted with the virtual office culture

Just welcoming and enabling them access to all these apps would not ensure that will they start working efficiently instantly. Even if they are working in Office space rentals, you need to foster a virtual and friendly rapport to keep your employees happy and productive. 

Maybe you would not be able to welcome them to team lunches, you can still ensure that they continue to work and grow within a friendly ambiance. 

Arranging videoconferences is a brilliant way to strengthen team spirit. You can always take advantage of online meetups, yes! The perks of a Shared Office Space Mumbai includes that you will find all the tools handy to enable a concise and productive meeting. The conference might not be only conducted to share work results and instead, the employees can also be encouraged to bond over food and mutual interests.

If you want to a modern and comprehensive virtual office spaces for your team, then get in touch with WorkLoft. They are one of the best providers of a virtual and coworking space in Mumbai, to cater to your diverse working needs.

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