Co-working Spaces – The Latest Concept of Networking

With the increasing trend of startups and freelancing, the idea of co-working or sharing works spaces is gaining popularity among young professionals in India.

A Co-Working Space offers a casual yet productive environment where professionals can perform their work with minimal stress. Not only budding entrepreneurs and freelancers but also corporate organizations are now leaning towards this cost-effective and popular solution.

According to the India Office Property Market Review in 2017, the demand for co-working spaces in India will only surge in the coming years.

Origin of the co-working spaces in the world

The concept of co-working was introduced by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco. Soon after, MNCs like Google and Facebook adopted this idea and experienced increased productivity. While co-working is already quite popular in the west, Indians are also warming up to this alternative, fun and new-age concept of working. It has eliminated the need for an expensive Office Space Rental and moved away from a grim, monotonous and stressful work setting

The concept of shared working in India

In India, many talented young professionals prefer to work as freelancers or start their own business ventures. They have started to embrace the idea of co-working owing to the cost efficiency provided by this concept. The cost of building and maintaining a conventional office space can be a burden for a budding entrepreneur with a limited budget. A Shared Office space offers the opportunity to build business relations, a flexible and easy-going work culture and increased job satisfaction among the employees.

In India, the job market is mainly driven by the technology sector. Many MNCs in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru have shifted towards co-working spaces due to the high cost of setting up traditional offices. Also, many freelancers are employed by such MNCs, so, offering a flexible workspace can help them work along with their teams instead of working from their homes. A shared Office Space Available For Rent offers all the necessary facilities needed for work, as well as recreational facilities like a lounge, a café, and gaming zones.  

Highlights of  shared working space – networking

A co-working space has professionals from various fields working under the same roof. It provides the opportunity to develop fresh and innovative business ideas and collaborations to develop new projects. A shared office space can help the professionals to pursue their ambitions in the most cost-efficient way and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

With a 300-seater CoWorking Space, Mumbai has provided the professionals with an opportunity to avail hi-speed internet and offers a comfortable working environment having a conference room and recreational areas. The shared office space in has sleeping pods and block labs to lure more professionals towards a relaxed yet engaging workplace.

Workloft – the newest name in coworking sector

Many metropolitan cities in India are witnessing the development of new co-working spaces in the last few years. Many of the biggest co-working space providers like WorkLoft have set up their latest hub in Mumbai. Starting from offering shared workspaces that are closer to the airport and well connected to newest office spaces that are loaded with all the facilities needed by a professional, WorkLoft has got all the solutions for the modern business owners.

If you wish to acquire a swanking new shared space for your work, enquire with the WorkLoft team at the earliest.

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