Co-Working Spaces in Mumbai: Pros & Cons

Well, a lot of people already know about the different sharing business centre in Mumbai and their importance in today’s highly competitive market. In case, you are not well acquainted with what co-working spaces actually are, these are places where multiple startups, professionals like freelancers or any other business organizations work under the same roof. Co-working place is a big business centre that is let out to different organizations or individual professionals based on their specific requirements.

If you analyze the concept of co-working spaces in Mumbai then you will get both positive and negative aspects related to the same. Let’s take a look at both the probable aspects.

Pros of Co-working spaces

    • Your professional network will increase considerably: If you are running an organization or have started your freelance career, then you must know how important networking is. Having many professionals working under the same roof gives you the opportunity to meet new people. It saves your time that you would have spent on trying to increase your network by physically visiting other offices.
    • Rental charges are light on your pocket: All the shared office spaces in Mumbai offer flexible plans that are sure to meet your budget. You can find one premise that matches both your budget and requirements. It will take care of your budget and allow you to focus entirely on your work.
    • You can learn a lot from other professionals: One of the best parts of working in a shared office space is that you can always approach someone from the other organization to help you out with some difficult task that you are having hard times understanding. Your employees can also exchange views and learn new things from professionals working in the other organizations. This promotes both networking and greater learning.

Cons of Co-working spaces

    • Distractions will be common: If you are one of those persons who require complete silence all around while you’re working, then you may not like the concept of office space for rent in Mumbai. You can stop your own employees from making noises but you can’t exercise control over the others.
    • The indirect costs charged may make things difficult for you: Some co-working spaces don’t include other utilities in their primary rental charges. So you may end up paying extra if you use their stationery, scanners/printers, power backup facility, and many others as well. You can try Workloft as this place offers all the use of these utilities for free.
    • You may end up craving for privacy: Co-working spaces are also considered to be startup incubators in Mumbai and other places as well. But you may not get the desired privacy in these premises. If you are someone who loves keeping his work plans secret and don’t want others to roam around while you’re working, then you may face difficult working in such places.

If you are planning to shift to a co-working space with your entire team, then do the due analysis and then go ahead accordingly. Workloft is a popular office sharing space in Mumbai that offers a lot more than just a cabin and a cubicle at different flexible plans. You can check this place and decide for self. If you found the content to be useful, then do share it with all your acquaintances.

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