Co-working Space Or Rent a Traditional Office, Which Is Better and Why?

In case you are simply tired of the hassles of dealing with your own office, WorkLoft recommends you to consider shifting to a co-working space in Mumbai. Here in Mumbai, many people search for flexible work ambiances that support convenience and collaboration. Co-working spaces offer a reasonable option to those individuals or entrepreneurs who work remotely without requiring handling their workspace. People, who don’t prefer sharing their office spaces with others, rent a traditional office. But if you want to save money and create a strong network, you can look into co-working spaces offered by WorkLoft.

Now freelancers or start-ups don’t just look for this co-working business centre in Mumbai. Currently, it’s an appealing option for many medium-size businesses to large enterprises also. The rise of these office spaces is because of numerous purposes. It’s certainly a simpler option compared to setting up your personal office. In this co-working set up, you can utilize the space for a month, a week, or a day according to your need.

So, let us check out why a start-up office space is a preferred choice over renting a traditional office space!

1. Access to different resources

You can avail numerous facilities at a shared office space in Mumbai, be it pantry services, unlimited beverages, conference/meeting room, high-speed Wi-Fi/internet, recreational areas, printers, thought leadership seminars, or free events. These places can be accessed round-the-clock, be it a national holiday, you can easily come and utilize these spaces.

2. Networking scopes

There are sufficient scopes to build your network and create connections within the community and amid different events arranged at an office space in the city. These events could be thought leadership seminars and workshops which would, in turn, boost the work ethos and competence of you and your entire team.

3. Easy availability of talents

In case you are planning on employing fresh talents, you can find within your shared office space. You would find different organizations and freelancers available for outsourcing your project.

4. Cost-effective

Compared to a traditional workplace, a shared office for rent in Mumbai helps reduce expenses to a great extent. It saves the money invested in fixtures, furnishing items, and interior decoration. Working out of a shared workplace can save expenses of all these devaluing assets.

5. Community involvement

Rented office spaces keep all members involved in continuous engagement functions and events. They try to refrain from full-time work culture. In fact, all festivals are celebrated to make sure a healthy work-life balance.

6. No administrative issues

You don’t have to run around for any maintenance and repairs. Simply contact the Community Manager or the business centre head to get everything done instantly. The whole facility is handled and maintained by the shared workplace.

Co-Working Space vs. Traditional Office: Which One Is Better For Your Business?

While pondering the differences between a co-working space and a traditional office, you should understand which advantages outweigh the disadvantages for your business. You should first decide the necessitous thing for your organization. If you have a tight budget and are not concerned about the way of running your office, a co-working space is definitely a better option. Thinking of relocating to a shared workspace setup? Then, this is high time to stay in touch with WorkLoft to flourish your business cost-effectively!

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