Why Co Working Space Can Be An Impeccable Match For Early Startups?

Co working space itself states that working together in a collaborative manner by co working with each other to avail the best of the knowledge & the out coming benefits. Co Working space is now a trending concept majorly in the startup ecosystem for numerous benefits-

  1. Expanding Business Opportunities – Co working space helps in increasing new business opportunities, as there are a lot of networking sessions & other social events, which take place where in one can pitch his/her business nature & extract good positive response on the same.
  2. Similar coworking environment – Normal individual office space available for rent provides a cost effective approach for bigger companies, which have considerable number of employees, but it doesn’t provide that progressive work environment. On the other hand Co working space provides a friendly environment with a well-established startup ecosystem.
  3. Facility of Virtual office – Co working space also provides with the virtual office facility. It provides with the services of providing communication address & mail handling. It is beneficial for companies that have their registered office at one place & are looking out for just communication address in different cities so as to expand on business perspective. Virtual office Mumbai is given by lot of Co working spaces in Mumbai along with additional facility of meeting room/ training room or event space.
  4. Unnecessary burden of overheads & their management – Individual office space available for rent involves a lot of invigilation of support services like Internet, housekeeping, electricity bill etc. Shared office space provides all such services under one single umbrella that is included in the monthly rentals. Shared office space in Mumbai provides with such services where in no worries needs to be taken for such things. WorkLoft, is one of the shared office space in Mumbai which provides with such facility.
  5. Monthly commitments – Co working space gives a flexibility of monthly commitments rather than getting into long term commitments where in a big amount of deposit is involved. Also in case of co working space there is a flexibility of increasing or decreasing the team size with a payment that will be done based on the same i.e. paying only for the no of people who operates from the space.
  6. Exposure to other business verticals – A co working space consists of varied business verticals working at one single place. It helps in getting a wide exposure to other business & their prototype. Also few companies get benefit of extracting business from each other in such an environment.

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