Choosing A Co-Working Space Or Setting Up An Office – What’s Better For Your Startup?

Are you looking for the perfect office space for your brand new startup venture?

Torn between setting up an office and opting for a co-working space?

Well, it is true that a majestic office space is a dream for all entrepreneurs. But for now, why not take it easy by going for a more practical choice?

Practical and hugely popular, co-working spaces in mumbai have already taken the market by a storm, and with good reason too! They are a fun and economical option, with amenities galore. From free coffee to couches and lounge spaces – coworking spaces have got them all.

If you’re still pondering about what works best for your new business, here are 4 reasons why a shared office space for rent should be your first choice:

  • Co-working is more economical

Remember that setting up an independent office can be terribly expensive – it just drains the money that you could have used to expand your business. But when it comes to co-working spaces there are far fewer hassles. Firstly, there are no year-long lease requirements. Secondly, you get to pick the location of your choice at a decent price. Moreover, you can save a lot of extra cash since expenses like office furniture renovations, electricity, high-speed internet are already included in the rent.

Think of this, you can always change from a co-working space to a private office when your business starts expanding and you need to accommodate more employees. It is best if you start with a small office space for rent during the initial days.

  • Ample networking opportunities

Most shared office spaces in Mumbai host get-togethers, educational workshops, and other events to increase networking chances for employees. The discussions and associations with a variegated array of people will surely lead to positive outcomes in the future. Such networking opportunities are almost impossible in case of independent offices, where only your team will work every day.

  • Work whenever and however you feel like

In most co-working office spaces in Mumbai, there are amenities that help motivate and energize employees so that they can live up to their full potential. The cost-effective working packages include services like cleaning, recreational activities and access to the boardroom. You can even give the sofas and hammocks a shot when you feel like resting, or put some caffeine in your system from the coffee machine.

Unlike in an independent office, you are not restricted to one particular place in a co-working space. You are free to work from wherever and whenever you want to, in accordance with your task and mood.


  • Get a brand image without bearing overhead expenses


Setting up your own office means you also have to set up your own brand image to draw more clients. And how can you establish your business identity without spending on infrastructure and branding? So you will have to spend a substantial amount for those needs.

But when you go for a full-fledged co-working space, there will be no need to worry about all these. A co-working office space will come equipped with all the things that you need in order to make a good impression.

So, now you already know which one is a smarter choice for your business, right?

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