8 Ways To Help You Build A Community In A Shared Workspaces

Contrary to the popular belief, offices are not about 9-to-5 strict schedules and black and white desk places, with people going about their jobs like robots! Co-Working Spaces, the latest emerging trend, have effectively shattered all stereotypical notions today. Shared workplaces can be the melting pot of an equally diverse breed of distinct professionals like photographers, designers as well as writers. And it takes a lot of ice-breaking to build a strong network in a Co-Working Space that triggers the sharing of ideas, emotions, and thoughts among all. Sounds tough? Well, the diversity in the profession often acts as a barrier. But you can now break the so-called barriers build a productive community in your shared workspace, by adopting the following ways.

1. Participate in Socializing events on a regular basis

Various interacting and networking events are organized every month to help the employees get comfortable and start interacting. Even if it hosted during your work hours, make sure to allot wee hours and take an active part in the program. Because you never know you might learn something new from someone or you might even grab a business deal from someone sharing your professional genre.

2. Host happy hours like the ones hosted at pubs and restaurants

Since you are your own boss, so why not live life for one day of the whole week? Grab a cup of coffee and have a whole-hearted conversation about work, politics or games with others at your Shared Office.

3. Take the initiative of introducing new members to your community

The first day at the office is kind of associated with being all fidgety and overwhelming! Take the lead and make the newbie comfortable.

4. Encourage everyone to voice their opinions regarding common issues

In every shared working place, be it a shared workspace Mumbai or anywhere, in order to lay the fundamentals of building a community, it is important on your part to acknowledge every member’s decision. For example, should the pantry stock cookies or Marie biscuits? Or else, how do they want to decorate the office during festivals?

5. Put up a member wall featuring their family photos

While doing so, make sure to add up their hobbies along with their full name and work genre. It can be a real ice-breaker.

6. Seek ideas and feedback from the ones around you – even virtually

In a Virtual Office Mumbai, most professionals wouldn’t get a chance to interact with other members due to different working hours. So you can make the interaction happen through social media right?

7. Schedule fun games, even singing and dance programs

Ask the community about their passion. It can range from a game night to a musical evening. The event with the maximum votes would get the chance to be hosted.

8. Building an accountability group to take care of common facilities

Members of this group would go out of their way to mutually support other members. They are also entrusted with the responsibility of meeting and interacting with every new member to know whether all is well and good.

Choose Workloft and build the best professional relations

When renting a startup office space in Mumbai from Workloft, you can be sure of feeling a part of the harmonious community of professionals. Working out of your new shared office from Workloft you would definitely help you lap up the warmth of your own association and also build a close-knit community that grows together.

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