7 Ways to Go Greener at Your Shared Office Spaces

Keeping the space crunch of commercial spaces in mind nowadays shared office space is the most common and budget-friendly way to grow and expand your business. The concept of shared office space is nothing new in India. Over the years giving spare office space on lease has become extremely popular among the developing offices and company owners due to the various benefits.

Cities like Mumbai and Kolkata are making the most of this opportunity to serve the need of aspiring entrepreneurs. Many companies have come up with coworking spaces in Mumbai to make the job easy for people who dream to make it big with their creative ideas and visions to grow but lack the platform to begin.

To ease the workflow in any office the role of environment of the office is vital. In soothing and peaceful atmosphere employees are bound to be more productive. Here are some ways you can arrange your shared office to feel like you are close to nature:

1. Décor:

Make the most of the available space. Decorate every corner with small plants which are also low maintenance but can be used as air fresheners. Plants like aloe plant, Boston fern, gerbera daisies devil’s ivy are great for decorations.

2. Paper wastage:

It is impossible to totally cut down the paper usage but at least we can reduce it. Though nowadays most works are computer-based, using papers only when necessary will indirectly help conserve nature.

3. Au Naturel

Leave the claustrophobic cubicle of the office, let the natural air and light come in. Get rid of the comforting yet very harmful breeze of the air conditioner. It is a good way to reduce the consumption of electricity as well. If you are looking for reliable sources for startup office space there are few names you can trust blindly on. WorkLoftis one such on whom you can rely on.

4. Save energy

Switching off the lights and fans or any other electric gadgets before leaving office will help to save energy and will serve a greater cause. Make your employees educated in all these matters. Virtual office space is enjoying a lot of popularity since dedicated office space is not required and energy is utilized optimally.

5. Recycling

Use paper bags or other environmentally friendly materials which can either be easily disposed or are biodegradable. Recycling is a great way to show your care for nature.

6. Using water

As responsible citizens, the optimum use of water in adequate quantity is very important. See to it that water in any form is not being misused or wasted.

7. Pick and drop services

While sharing office space is a great idea to save space similarly sharing a car for commuting is a great way to save energy and reducing the increase of greenhouse gases.

If you are aiming to own a property or taking an office space for rent, check out WorkLoft which brings to you brilliant opportunities. With shared office space from WorkLoft, you can let your dreams achieve greater heights of success.

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