6 Blunders Business Owners Make While Choosing an Office Space for Rent

While running a business, it is very important to understand the criticality of choosing the office space for rent in order to have a smooth functioning.

There are few points which needs to be kept in mind while choosing an office space for rent:

  • Location being too far from the major connectivity- It becomes a huge loss if the working space is too far from the major accessibilities like road or public transport for that matter. It is  very important to choose the location accessibility while finalizing an office space for rent. Accessibility can be in terms of the road connectivity with the major landmarks along with the public transport. As there are a lot of clients who visit the office for a meeting for which it is very important to have a proper accessibility for the same.
  • High rentals- While finalizing an office space for rent, sometimes it does happen that an individual gets influenced by the place & end up paying huge rentals which overshoot the budget. It is important to consider the budget & fit in that so that the expenses can be done on valuable things like manpower, technology etc rather than spending on the office rentals.
  • Renting out a huge space- Sometimes the rentals are too inappropriate compared to the employee strength. Eg for 2-3 employees the payment is as high as 30K which increase the company expenses.  It is very important to optimize the space as per the manpower. Sometimes it does happen that the space comes out to be bigger compared to the people working out from a specific location. In order to have the best use of the space, one should go with either a shared office space or a coworking office space.

The concept of the above two things is quite trending in the startup community as there is a flexibility of the space which can either be increased or decreased as per the employee strength.

  • No provision of day’s trial– There are a lot of coworking office space which doesn’t have any provision of day’s trial & one misses out on having a comfortable experience. Before opting for any of the coworking office space it is important to have a single day’s trial in order to get a comfort level with the place & be satisfied with the available services.
  • Opting an individual office rather than shared office space- Individual office anyways costs too high which also ultimately depends upon the location. Also there is a huge security deposit which is involved. Although that amount is refundable but the money gets locked which can otherwise be used for the business enhancement.

Shared office space provides with a flexibility of pricing along with the shared working environment.

Coworking space Mumbai provides with a lot of options with respect to the budget & the requirement.

WorkLoft, being one of the premier coworking office space in Mumbai provides with all the modern amenities along with 24*7 access which helps the startups to flourish their respective business.

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