5 Tips To Improve Workspace Communication

In any work environment, teamwork and work culture become quite crucial. And communication plays a very important role in any workplace, be it from the top down or bottom-up level.

Why is communication so important?

To build a good rapport and work culture with one another at a co-working space in Mumbai, one has to maintain a clear and easy communication pattern within the team and outside, including the top management. 

Communication is not just to build relationships among the teammates or one’s colleagues but it is also useful for generating creative ideas for projects. If the team lacks in the basic communication skills, then no idea will be expressed, and the whole purpose of team building might turn out futile.

It is natural for people to have different mindsets and behaviour at a shared office space in Mumbai. But, great teamwork and achievements can be attained only through trust and effective communication. It becomes the duty of the top management to maintain the conversation flowing effectively within each department.

How to improve communication in the workplace?

WorkLoft offers modern and professional shared offices that are designed to induce a healthy work environment. Some of the most useful tips to boost communication are – 

1. Develop a friendly and open space: Employees should feel free and comfortable to impart and share their ideas with their bosses as well as their teammates. If the manager or the team lead does not encourage their employees to express themselves then it might affect the team’s development negatively.

2. Hold monthly meetings: As a team lead, you can plan for monthly meetings with your employees in order to hear out their concerns and issues and clear them within the team. Share the successes of the team and arranging for a quick celebration is also a wonderful way to boost team spirit and encourage communication.

3. Listen to others: Be it your colleague or your manager at a business centre in Mumbai, always try to be open to criticisms and new ideas. Effective communication happens when it is two way. So ask questions, make clarifications and also be acceptable to new ideas. If you choose to disagree, do it politely.

4. Team building activities: Communication building activities are practiced in most of the startup incubators in Mumbai today and have proved to be an active mode of team building development. And this option has, in fact, turned out to be quite effective in today’s working spaces.

Icebreaker games have become a thing in most of the companies to make the employees open up and become comfortable with their colleagues. Incorporating such activities in startup office space can turn out to be quite successful.

5. Feedbacks: This is a fantastic way to develop communications among employees and also the top management. Feedback from employees on the manager’s role and vice versa will always help in boosting the morale at work.

With your best interests in their focus, it is no wonder why WorkLoft is among the most preferred co-working spaces in Mumbai, with budding startups and business ventures today.

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