5 simple tactics to impress the Investor with your Pitch.

It needs a lot of encourage to give your passion a platform. Pitching isn’t easy but isn’t that difficult too, Rehearsing the pitch is the key to give life to your idea. Passion is the solution to your success. It has been proved in one of the studies, that Investors weigh Passion as one of the important variable while evaluating a pitch, which ultimately leads to investment decision. Its true, when you are passionate about anything, you try to find the way to grab it.

Henceforth, if you are passionate about your product/service and want to impress the investors, listed down are few tactics to keep in mind while preparing for the perfect pitch:

  1. Time is Money

Draw time is

For you, Time can really get you Money. The less time you take to pitch is better.

We never like lectures. Venture capitalists or other Investors will never concentrate if there are long time presentations. Be concise and effective. Few tactics to tackle this is:

If you are given x minutes to present, always count at least one minute less for your presentation.

If you are using a slide presentation, make sure you don’t get fastened at one slide for a longer time.

Don’t rush because you’re left with less/no time.

Hence, don’t race against time.

Relax. Present your company at a good pace. This is your chance, don’t lose it but go with a pocket full of money.

Tic-toc, tic-toc…


  1. Your target


Investors are not only investing in you but also your Public. Differentiate your target in terms of Demographic and psychographic aspects. Have a clear understanding of your target and how will your product/service provide benefit to your market. Thus, Future of your business lies in your target market. Ultimately your target audience will only give you profit.


So, Hit the bull’s Eye!


  1. Get visibility to your Vision


It has been proved that pictures are far more memorable than words. Investors will pay more attention if there is more of a visual content than written words. Create a presentation bagged with photographs, charts, graphs and other numerical slides which can support your idea. The best way is to narrate a story through those pictures. In this way, The Investors will pay detailed attention to your pitch and who knows, you might be lucky in getting funded for your StartUp company.


  1. Because differently is Better


It is always important to differentiate your product/service. Millions of product/service are established every single minute in the World. There is one simple technique which can help distinguish your product from others, as we all know most of the movies have Villian and Hero concept, where a villain create problems and a hero who saves the day. Same like movies, In the context of business, try to identify what is a problem and how your Idea will help to resolve that problem!

Isn’t this a good plot for your Idea?!


  1. Happy ending


It has been proved that Angel Investors have invested more than $20billion in 2010. Hence to get a bite of that cake, it is necessary to have a strategic exit. No one will invest until there is any return. Assure your Investors that your Investment will bring them a good return or profit. Investors will fund if there is a clear story shown to them.

Therefore, always have a happy ending to your story!

Pitching an idea to the Investors can be daunting. But all you need is a great business proposal, strategic plan, dynamic team and a profitable exit for successful Investment.

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