1. Do you really have month to month agreement system?

Yes. We offer month to month agreement under which you receive a stable office so that you have the flexibility that is needed to expand your business. With virtual plan being the only exception, all other plans come with a month to month agreement.

2. When shall I inform Workloft management before moving out?

If you are a member then it is mandatory for you to give a notice one month before you move out. For instance, if you intend to move out on 1st February, then you should submit a notice by the 1st of January.

3. Am I allowed to take a membership for one of my employees and drop in at my space occasionally?

You are entitled to an individual membership. You can book the meeting room for a meeting with your employee for up to 10 times in a month. In case, he has to stay for more than 4 hours a day he needs to buy a pass.

4. Are there separate charges for tea and coffee?

No. You are entitled to free tea and coffee from the cafeteria. However, some of the drinks that are individually prepared are chargeable.

5. What is the internet speed?

Each outlet has a separate lease line for internet connection. Every single member gets 8 mbps speed of internet. You can use unlimited data.

6. Are taxes included in the pricing plan?

No. The listed price does not include service tax. It is applicable at the time of billing.

7. Is it permissible and safe to leave my laptop at my workstation? Are there CCTVs?

Our outlets are 24*7 fully protected with security guards present at all times. A permanent member can leave his laptop, files, etc. on his desk or in his locker.  In case you have a floating desk then it is advised to take your possessions when you leave your workstation.

8. Am I allowed to use the Workloft address as my official address?

A member is allowed to use our address as his corresponding address. If you want our address to serve as your registered office address then you are suggested to opt for the Fixed plan that gives you additional benefits.

9. Can I get a separate internet connection for my team?

Yes. You can avail a separate internet connection for your team with an additional cost as the plans which we have they are on per seat basis. Based on your requirement, we can provide you with the day, weekly or monthly plans which can fit your budget.

10. Can I store my servers in the commonly used server room?

No. Foreign devices are not allowed inside the common server room owing to security and space issues.

11. Can outside people come to office for a meeting?

We understand that meeting prospective clients is essential for your business growth and therefore, we provide the facility to use any of the conference rooms starting at Rs.500/hour + taxes

How much should I pay in order to reserve my office space?

You need to pay one month deposit while making the first payment.

12. Do you have a lock-in period? What is the minimum service agreement?

There is not any lock-in period. You are free to get your membership terminated just by giving a one month notice.

13. How much space on an average do I get as my workstation?

Each Workloft office is designed uniquely and differs from outlet to outlet. Usually, we measure according to desk space and that is always more than enough for an individual to set up his workstation and work comfortably. You can come down to our office for a tour anytime!

14. Am I entitled to a referral reward if I recommend Workloft to a friend ?

Yes. If your friend becomes a member then you will get some discount on a month’s invoice amount. For more details kindly visit the referral page of our website

15. Do I get mail handling services from Workloft?

Yes. As a member, you will get all the services offered by our value partners. These services include courier and mail handling too. However, you need to bear the courier charges.

16. Do I need to book the meeting room in advance?

Yes, of course. Once you have signed up you can use our internal member management system for booking the meeting room in advance.

17. Do I need to inform before dropping in at any of the outlets? If yes, then how early should I inform?

Though we never turn away drop-ins, it is advised to always make a booking prior to coming in at any of the outlets. This enables us to get a team member ready for helping you around. You can book a tour at any of the outlets either through call or through our website.

18. Can I get assistance from Workloft for raising funds?

Though we are not investors we can help you in fundraising by facilitating interactions between entrepreneurs and investors by organizing seminars, conferences, etc.

19. What are the various events organized by Workloft?

We organize about 6 to 12 knowledge and networking events in each outlet in a year.  Here you can interact with your peers and experts in your network. This helps you to grow your business too.

20. Can I get a meeting room on rent?

No. We do not offer meeting rooms on rent. With our growing community we need to see that the meeting rooms are available to each and every member as and when they need them.

21. Can I become a member in the middle of a month?

Yes, you can become a member anytime. For the first month it is on pro-rata basis.

22. Are there storage areas available?

We offer lockers & pedestals where you can keep your personal belongings. However, we do not offer warehouses and large storage areas.

23. Do I have to face distractions while working from an open space?

We have many rooms including conference room, reading zone, cafeteria, chill zone, etc that members can use according to their own free will. If a member wants to chat or enjoy some free time he can use the cafeteria and chill zone. This eliminates any kind of distractions from the workplace.

24. Can I get extra accommodation in case my team grows?

Yes, anytime! We have had a lot of teams starting from small number and increasing massively. All you need to do is inform us about your new team members and we will arrange for more space accordingly.

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