• How Does Indian Government Support Start-ups?

    “Entrepreneurship will no longer being condemned as Jugaad.”


    The above statement was being asserted at the launch of Indian startup Action Plan hosted by Mr. Narendra Modi on January 16, 2016. In the past few years, Indian government has introduced a wide spectrum of Startup schemes and funds to encourage young innovative brains and growth of […]

  • Pride On LGBT- Societal Equality

    As the term describes, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and transgender.

    LGBT is considered to be a distinct and diverse group, wherein Gay/ lesbians are the groups of people who are attracted to the same gender: men have sexual or romantic feelings for men and women have sexual or romantic feelings for women.

    While bisexual refer […]

  • GST & its Impact on Start-up Business

    GST, being the most hyped decision to be taken, is an indirect tax reform based on the concept of ‘One Indian nation under One Tax’. As different stNationave different taxation policies which make it all the more complex & difficult to handle which is a major reason why number of start-ups are hesitant to expand […]


    The culture of founding a new business has been growing rapidly in recent years. Startups are believed to change the face of business and technology. Although there are some startups that reached to the success ladder in no time while there are other countless startups have been brought down on ground at the same time.
    It […]


    The business ecosystem up until now has been more or less, a male dominated zone. The list of women below, however, are here to show us, just how the women of today are not only catching up but excelling at everything they decide to pursue. Be it education, e-commerce, media channels, investment firms, travel, fashion, […]