Pride On LGBT- Societal Equality

As the term describes, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and transgender.

LGBT is considered to be a distinct and diverse group, wherein Gay/ lesbians are the groups of people who are attracted to the same gender: men have sexual or romantic feelings for men and women have sexual or romantic feelings for women.

While bisexual refer to the group of people who have sexual or romantic feelings for both genders.

Transgender is a term that is enclosed with a diversity of gender identity that is different from other assigned sex. It also includes ross dressers, bi-genders, transgenderists, and transsexuals.


In the honor of 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan by LGBT community fighting against harassment of gay/lesbian community and for dignity and equality in the society, June is marked as the celebration of LGBT prides month in the US and many other cities aboard. Pride month is considered to celebrate love and queerness, and to show pride and express their unparalleled feelings.

The work environment for LGBT group hasn’t been always welcoming. It was being reported by LGBT workers that

  • 9% avoid working on a certain project.
  • 14% lied about the reason to take off work.
  • 15% had to stay home from work
  • 17% had to avoid working with certain clients of customers.
  • 20% felt ashamed of hiding their personal identity.
  • 30% felt distracted from work.


On the account of LGBT pride, many companies have opened their door for the participation of LGBT group.

Few of the companies that provide employment to LGBT and supports their LGBT workers are listed below:

Companies that support LGBT Pride Moment.


“IBM has adapted the 8 colors of the original LGBTQ flag to its 8-bar logo as “a new symbol that will represent IBM’s ongoing push for diversity, acceptance, inclusion and equal opportunity.” 



Acenture LGBT Coworking Space LGBT

Accenture is proud to be a corporate leader in supporting the LGBT community.

Ensuring an inclusive environment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression around the world is a key part of our belief that diversity makes us stronger.




“Apple’s first Diversity Network Association, the Pride, turns 30 this year and we’re thrilled to celebrate this tremendous milestone with you! As recognition for everyone who registered to participate in the Pride event this year we created something special.


This limited-edition band is a symbol of our commitment to equality and we hope you’ll wear it with pride.” 




We absolutely believe in the importance of diversity within Godrej. Diversity is the philosophy of who we are as a company.

Nisaba Godrej – Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products

At Godrej, we recognize and value the diversity of our people, their perspectives, and experiences.For 120 years now, trust and equity have been the pillars of our people philosophy and culture.We take much pride in fostering an inclusive environment for all Godrejites. This commitment to being a diverse and inclusive organization also enables us to serve over1.1 billion global citizens across differences in gender, caste, creed, age, background, income, sexual orientation, marital status, physical ability, and nationality.


LGBT group are growing their footprints not only in the social environment but also in the Business sector. In the last few years, there are some major improvements seen in the stature of this community in many countries. Some of the manifests can be seen below:

  • Freedom to marry, although it’s not permitted in all countries stated legal in many.
  • LGBT community can even serve openly in the military.
  • They have given protection against Crime legislation.
  • Hospital rights.
  • Many people from this group are taking efforts to start-up their own businesses.

Best place for start-ups is the Coworking spaces that provides a platform to such professional individuals where they can meet like-minded entrepreneurs and establish their brands.

Thus, Workloft, a co-working space, is inspired by this change in the Business sector and support the LGBT pride moment.




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